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End religious selection in state schools

Stop faith-based admissions

Help us resist plans to open new faith schools in England that can select 100% of their places on the basis of religion, discriminating against children and promoting social and racial divisions in our communities.

State-funded schools should be open to all children, without regard to religion, and we urgently need MPs to oppose the Government’s plans.

Write to your MP urging them to oppose faith-based admissions.

Help replace parliamentary prayers with inclusive time for reflection.

Replace parliamentary prayers

Did you know each session of Parliament starts with prayers? And did you know that, due to limited seats, this means that non-Christian MPs and peers find it more difficult to speak in Parliament’s busiest and most important debates?

We’re calling for Parliament to review this and introduce an inclusive model of time for reflection, which works well in the Scottish Parliament.

Please will you sign our petition for a modern Parliament?

End state schools

End faith schools

Donate today to fund and resource Britain’s only dedicated campaigner against faith schools.

Help us defend the rights of children and teachers by campaigning to end state religious schools, religious discrimination in admissions, and compulsory collective worship, and for the introduction of comprehensive relationships and sex education in all schools.

Support our campaign to end faith schools by donating today.

Defend inclusive RE in Wales

Defend inclusive RE in Wales

Wales is about to adopt a world-leading RE curriculum that teaches about religion and worldviews impartially, and puts humanism on equal footing to religion. It’s taken years of campaigning to achieve this, but now religious groups are lobbying Members of the Senedd (MSs) to reverse Wales’ progress. Will you help us intervene and protect children’s rights to a broad, balanced, and inclusive Religion, Values, and Ethics (RVE) curriculum?

Write to your MSs today to defend inclusive RE in Wales.

Support legal recognition for humanist marriages

Support humanist marriages

Humanist marriages are legally recognised in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but humanist couples in England and Wales face discrimination and are forced to have a separate civil marriage.

We want the UK Government to end the inequality faced by humanists by bringing the law in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland, giving legal recognition to humanist marriages in England and Wales.

Write to your MP to end humanist marriage inequality.

Help us end compulsory worship in schools.

End compulsory worship

Did you know the UK is the only country in the world to impose Christian worship in state schools?

Current law in England and Wales requires all state-funded schools to conduct daily acts of ‘worship’ of a ‘Christian character’.

We’re calling on the Government to replace compulsory worship with inclusive assemblies for all.

Sign our petition and back inclusive assemblies for all.

Tell Justice Secretary: call a public inquiry on assisted dying

Demand a public inquiry into assisted dying

For too long, the voices of people with incurable and terminal illnesses have been shut out of the public debate on assisted dying. We’re calling for a public inquiry so their voices can be heard at last.

Will you help us and write to your MP?

If you live in Northern Ireland, you can also write to your MLAs and ask them to express their support for assisted dying.

Defend human rights and the power of judicial review

Defend our Human Rights Act

We are concerned by any attempts to water down the legal protections contained in our Human Rights Act.

We want to ensure that the rights and freedoms of citizens in a democracy, such as the freedom to judicially review unlawful government decisions, are not restricted.

Sign our petition to the Justice Secretary.

Help us end Northern Ireland's blasphemy laws.

Repeal NI blasphemy laws

Northern Ireland will soon be the last part of the UK or Ireland to have a blasphemy law in statute.

These laws are used around the world to suppress free expression and persecute political and religious minorities. We want to see them urgently repealed.

Urge your MLA today for a repeal of Northern Ireland’s blasphemy laws.

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