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Education is an important part of Humanists UK’s work.

In this section you can find pages for teachersstudents, and parents to support education about humanism, whether in religious education, philosophy and ethics, or in other areas of the school curriculum.

For free, downloadable teaching resources, including lesson plans, classroom activities, presentations, videos, and humanist perspectives on a range of topics studied in school, see our website Understanding Humanism. Teachers can also find guidance and information about CPD opportunities.

We also provide free humanist speakers for schools, colleges, or community groups. To request a visit from a school speaker click here. For more information about what school speakers do, click here.  Interested in becoming a Humanists UK school speaker yourself? Find out more here.

Our free online courses provide an excellent way to develop your knowledge about humanism and meet others keen to engage in conversation.

We also have a list of recommended books on humanism, and we also publications for sale in our online shop.

To learn more about humanist history, read about the humanist tradition.

If you are a humanist SACRE/SAC rep or want to find out more about becoming a SACRE/SAC rep, click here.

If you are a humanist and a teacher, you might be interested in our Humanist Teachers network.


Assemblies for All

Assemblies for All is a website designed to provide access to high quality, inclusive assemblies for schools across the UK so that every student can experience assemblies which are educational, enjoyable, and appropriate for young people from all backgrounds.

Assemblies for All features hundreds of assemblies made by education professionals from charities like Amnesty, Oxfam and Unicef, to organisations such as the UK Parliament and the BBC. Every assembly is organised by theme, key stage, organisation, and, for many of them, by a corresponding event in the calendar. The calendar contains notable dates across the year so that assemblies can be held to mark important events such as International Women’s Day, World Environment Day, and Martin Luther King Jr Day.

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