Implement Buffer Zones Now!

Add your name to tell the home secretary, protect women now!

Recent news articles have highlighted the alarming increase in harassment outside abortion clinics. It is essential that women no longer have to suffer this harmful behaviour.

Parliament voted over six months ago to implement buffer zones, known as safe access zones, around abortion clinics in England and Wales, where protests are prohibited, yet there’s no sign of these being implemented and women visiting the clinics are being regularly intimidated.

We are calling upon the UK Government to take immediate action by implementing safe access zones around these clinics to ensure the safety, privacy, and dignity of women seeking these essential healthcare services.

Women are being harassed by pro-life campaigners but we believe every individual has the right to make informed decisions about their reproductive health without fear of being judged, threatened, or humiliated.

Add your name to tell the UK Government:

  • Immediately establish safe access zones around abortion clinics to protect women, healthcare providers, and support staff from harassment and intimidation.
  • Monitor and enforce the safe access zones to guarantee the safety and privacy of individuals seeking reproductive healthcare services.
  • Safe Access zones respect the principle of free speech while effectively preventing harassment, intimidation, and obstruction outside abortion clinics.

By implementing these safe access zones now, the Government can protect women’s choice, privacy, and dignity to create a safe and supportive environment for women seeking abortion

Add your name to call for safe access zones around abortion clinics now, to protect women from harassment and intimidation when accessing these essential healthcare services.