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For Students

On this site you can find information about humanism today and the humanist tradition. We also have a list of recommended reading on humanism.

Humanists UK also has a separate education site, Understanding Humanism, featuring a range of resources for young people. You will find an introduction to humanism and humanist perspectives on a wide range of topics and themes, including many that are included in the Religious Studies GCSE.

To learn more about humanism, take a look at our two free online courses.

NEW free online course: Humanist lives

What does it mean to lead a humanist life? Find out by meeting humanists from around the world and hearing their stories on our new online course called ‘Humanist lives’.

Today an increasing number of people around the world describe themselves as humanist. They believe that this is the only life we have, that the world is a natural place with no supernatural side, and that we have the freedom to shape our own lives.

On this course, presented by Humanists UK President Professor Alice Roberts, you’ll meet individual humanists from around the world. From their stories, you’ll learn what motivates them, and how they express their humanism. You’ll learn about the questions, choices, challenges, and joys found in a humanist approach to life and have the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate it.

The course launched in June 2019.


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