For Students

Humanists UK has a separate education site, Understanding Humanism, featuring a range of resources for young people. You will find an introduction to humanism and humanist perspectives on a wide range of topics and themes, including many that are included in the Religious Studies GCSE.

For more on the history of humanism, check out our Humanist Heritage website.

To learn more about humanism, take a look at our two free online courses.

We also have a list of recommended reading on humanism.


New animation!

‘Life is like a piece of string. It has a beginning and an end. We don’t get much say about that. But we can make choices about the bit in between. We have the freedom to shape our own lives.’

Alice Roberts narrates this short animation about the humanist approach to life and the importance humanists place on freedom, responsibility, and connections.


Free online courses

We have two free online courses on humanism available if you’d like to learn more: Introducing humanism with Sandi Toksvig, and Humanist lives with Alice Roberts. The first course focuses on the nature of humanism and its response to life’s big questions, the other centres around the people who describe themselves as humanists and the way they live their lives. The courses can be taken in any order.