Faith to Faithless is Humanists UK’s support programme for so-called ‘apostates’ and those who leave high-control religions.

The service is led by apostates themselves, who have knowledge and experiences of apostate communities facing serious and systemic issues. These issues range from emotional and physical abuse from family members, friends, and peers in their community through to to homelessness, shunning, ‘honour-based’ abuse and killings, and systemic failures by statutory organisations to support apostates.

What we do

Faith to Faithless engages in several activities, over three main areas of work.

  • We provide a platform for apostate voices to be heard, and raise awareness of the issues they face so that others don’t suffer in the same ways, ensuring we have built trust within the apostate community. We do this both online, through our dedicated website, and through speaker and panel events that are open to the public
  • We provide an apostate support programme through facilitated peer support groups and other ‘meet-ups’
  • We train statutory and support organisations like police, social services, and mental health organisations to better understand the issues apostates face, and the sorts of policy and practice implications this might have for the organisation

Our work has brought us into contact with tens of thousands of apostates, and we have been able to directly support over a thousand since the dedicated programme started.

If you are affected by these issues as an apostate, are part of an organisation that would like to access our apostate awareness training, or would like to volunteer to help us take on this work, please contact us at

Our work is funded entirely by charitable donations.