Defence Humanists brings together service personnel, veterans, Ministry of Defence staff, and their families to represent the interests of the non-religious in the armed forces. It organises events and community activities for its members and leads Humanists UK’s participation in Remembrance Day events and similar activities around the UK.

Defence Humanists is a section of Humanists UK .

A C Grayling sm“Humanism is an ethics of fellowship. Among those who work and serve together it is about loyalty, service, self-sacrifice and commitment. It is about the mutual trust that forges the strong and enduring bonds of comradeship that underlie our duty to one another and our community.

Humanism crosses all barriers that other outlooks put up between people. It is an ethics premised on our shared humanity, and therefore with generosity and comradeliness brings us closer together. Without dogmas but with a profound belief in our duty to our fellows, it unites rather than divides, and strengthens us all.” – Professor Anthony Grayling, Defence Humanists patron.

Dan Snow and Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou are also Defence Humanists patrons.

Defence Humanists aims

  • To advance the provision of secular and Humanist services in support of members of the UK Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence and their families.
  • To defeat discrimination and intolerance on the basis of religion or belief in the British Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence.
  • To advance the education of current and former members of the UK Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence and their families in the philosophy of Humanism.
  • To provide the means for like-minded individuals to discuss Humanist values, principles and relevant subjects, with a particular focus on the needs of the Armed Forces’ and Ministry of Defence community.

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You can join Defence Humanists by joining Humanists UK. Members of Defence Humanists also receive all the benefits of being a Humanists UK member, including voting rights at the AGM, a welcome pack and membership card, a regular newsletter, and access to the members section of Humanists UK website – as well as supporting our campaigns for a fairer society – all for £5 a month.

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Services for service and the Civil service personnel

The Defence Humanist Network (DHN), in association with Defence Humanists, is pleased to be able to offer service personnel a number of Humanist services.

If you would like to know more contact Major Neil Weddell, Defence Humanist lead for pastoral support and humanist services, on 077357 42510.

*Please note that the MOD has not yet formally created full-time non-religious pastoral support roles, therefore DHN service providers are still committed to their normal day-to-day roles.  However, because the DHN is adamant that all non-religious and Humanist MOD personnel have a choice when seeking support or marking significant life events, DHN members endeavour to satisfy any service requests in their spare time and at weekends.