Thousands of happy couples want the Government to legally recognise humanist marriages in England and Wales.

Agree? Add your name.

As a proud patron of Humanists UK, I’ve been championing campaigns for a fairer society, with laws that reflect our changing society and attitudes towards religion. 

Today I’m sharing what I think is the least contentious campaign you’ll ever be asked to support. 

Will you help thousands of happy couples by adding your name to ask the Government to legally recognise humanist marriages in England and Wales?

In Scotland, humanist weddings have been legally recognised since 2005 and are now more popular than Christian weddings. Humanist weddings are also legally recognised in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Jersey, and Guernsey. So why not in England and Wales? 

Parliament has already voted for a new category of marriage, so the government can change the law to include humanist marriage. But that was in 2013! A whole decade on, they haven’t started to implement it. 

Legal recognition would have a profound impact on LGBT couples too, who are overwhelmingly non-religious. Same-sex marriages are possible in less than 1% of places of worship in England and Wales.

I’m so proud of the Humanists UK celebrants who create beautiful ceremonies for any couple and, ten years on from the same-sex marriage act, are demanding legal recognition.

I feel passionately about this issue. Stephen Fry and I recently added our names to an open letter calling on the UK Government to grant legal recognition to humanist marriages in England and Wales. 

This campaign harms no one, and would only make people happy.

Please sign the petition today.

Sandi Toksvig,

Patron, Humanists UK

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