Our events

We organise a range of online and in-person events around the country. Please use the tabs to see events organised by humanist communities, or as part of our Faith to Faithless programme.

Humanists UK’s events programme includes major events around the country designed to raise public awareness of humanism and related topics, including its annual lecture series and annual Convention.

Humanists UK Convention 2024 | Cardiff

14 June 2024, 19:00
Cardiff Students' Union, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3QN

Join hundreds of humanists from across Wales, the UK, and beyond, for a summer celebration of humanism!

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Members' Meeting | Northern Ireland Humanists

8 January 2024, 20:00

An exclusive opportunity to engage directly with the Northern Ireland Humanists team, to hear about our work and you can get involved

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These are events organised by Humanists UK local branches and special interest groups around the country. They include socials, lectures, small gatherings, and community activities under the auspices of Humanists UK’s groups and sections.

Mince pies and humanism | Bangor Humanists

10 December 2023, 14:30
Marquis Hall, 5 Abbey Street, Bangor, BT20 4JE

Bangor Humanists are meeting for a festive get together with a discussion on what Christmas means for humanists and some mince pies.

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Christmas Holiday Quiz | Sheffield Humanists

18 December 2023, 19:00
Room 5, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, S1 2BX

Come along and meet fellow humanists, enjoy some non-religious Christmas cheer. Grab a drink and maybe some food from the bar and participate in our annual quiz, hosted by Raj.

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Are you looking for local group events? Humanists UK’s network of partner humanist groups also host events up and down the country.

Faith to Faithless is Humanists UK’s programme providing support to people who leave high-control religions. It puts on a mixture of socials and public lectures across the UK, as well as apostasy awareness training events for service providers.

Faith to Faithless Christmas Party!

17 December 2023, 18:00

Christmas party for anyone who has left a controlling religion. Buffet provided.

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Humanists In Conversation With… is an ongoing series of online events in which we speak to writers, activists, politicians, thinkers, and policy-makers about some of life’s big ideas.

From time to time, you can find information here about events hosted by other organisations who share our values.