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Assemblies for All

Assemblies for All is a website designed to provide access to high quality, inclusive assemblies for schools across the UK so that every student can experience assemblies which are educational, enjoyable, and appropriate for young people from all backgrounds.

Unlike many existing websites, which offer assemblies which are frequently of a faith-based Christian nature, Assemblies for All prioritises assemblies that are not acts of collective worship and which do not seek to promote one particular religion or belief. The assemblies are inclusive and accessible for all schools, teachers, and pupils, regardless of their religion or belief background.

Assemblies for All features hundreds of interactive, meaningful assemblies made by education professionals from charities like Amnesty, Oxfam and Unicef, to organisations such as the UK Parliament and the BBC. Every assembly is organised by theme, key stage, organisation, and, for many of them, by a corresponding event in the calendar. The calendar contains notable dates across the year so that assemblies can be held to mark important events such as International Women’s Day, World Environment Day, and Martin Luther King Jr Day.

To view the website and browse the assemblies, click here.

If you work for an organisation and would like us to provide links to your own inclusive assemblies, please contact us on If you are updating any assemblies we currently link to, again, please let us know.

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