Humanist Teachers is a network of humanists working in education, including teachers, teaching assistants, teacher trainers in teacher training institutions, and education advisers and consultants. We are a group of educators who support students, parents, and each other with issues relating to humanism in schools. Our aim is to raise people’s awareness and understanding of humanism and promote a more tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail.

Are you…

  • A teacher currently working in primary, secondary, or further education
  • A teaching assistant
  • Somebody employed in an education department at a college or university
  • An education adviser or consultant

Then you could join the Humanist Teachers network.

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What will you get out of being a member of the network?

  • Information about resources and activities relevant to humanism taking place in education institutions around the country
  • The chance to share your own ideas, challenges, and successes with other education professionals
  • Access to information and advice relevant to Humanists UK’s campaigns in education
  • The opportunity to contribute your voice to issues relevant to humanism in education

Our aims

  • We aim to raise young people’s awareness and understanding of humanism.
  • We aim to support other educators, parents, and school governors with their understanding of humanism and the humanist perspective.
  • We aim to ensure that the humanist voice is represented, heard, and helps to shape debate in discussions relating to religion and belief in schools and other education settings.

To find out more about what we do and the kind of activities humanist teachers get involved in, click here.

Get in touch

Do you have questions? Do you have suggestions for where we should be focusing our attention? Are you facing difficulties with getting the humanist voice heard? If so, then please get in touch.

We also want your stories! Have you done anything interesting over the past term that you would like to share with the network? Perhaps you’ve introduced a new scheme of work on humanism? Perhaps you’ve discovered some new resources? Perhaps you’ve introduced a more inclusive approach to assemblies? Perhaps you’ve set up your own humanist after-school club? Whatever it is, you can share your story here.

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