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Our people

Humanists UK is a diverse organisation with hundreds of volunteers working around the country to pursue a world where rational thinking and kindness prevail, supported by a small team of staff in London, Cardiff, and Belfast. Collectively, our leadership team is responsible for ensuring we remain a growing movement at the forefront of social change.

Our members also play a vital role in our organisation. Our AGM moves around the UK each year, and gives members the opportunity to pass democratic policy that steers the future of our movement.

Tamar Ghosh

Chair of the Board

Tamar Ghosh is Chair of the Board of Trustees at Humanists UK, leading the group accountable for the strategic direction of Humanists UK and the fulfilment of its charitable aims. She is also Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, a trustee of the charity Article 19, and previously ran the Longitude Prize for Nesta. She has a strong track record in the charitable sector, particularly in fundraising and strategic development.

Ann O'Connell

Vice Chair

Ann O’Connell is a committed humanist, sharing the Humanists UK vision of personal fulfilment found in our connections with others, and finding meaning in science, reason, compassion, and creativity. She is a qualified treasurer and accountant with a particular interest in good governance, and has many years experience in banking, working in audit, finance, treasury, and risk. She has also worked as a non-executive Director of a Credit Union and a Building Society. She is currently working as a Director of Rhino Software Ltd., a company which develops innovative mobile apps for the SME market.

Adam Rutherford


Dr Adam Rutherford is the President of Humanists UK, the organisation’s most high-profile ambassador. He is an acclaimed geneticist, science writer, and broadcaster. As President he is supported to raise awareness of humanism in the public at large by a team of Vice Presidents and Humanists UK patrons, who collectively represent many of the UK’s leading entertainers, thinkers, and activists.

Andrew Copson

Chief Executive

Andrew Copson is our Chief Executive, responsible for day-to-day management of the organisation as a whole, and management of the staff team. He has been Chief Executive of Humanists UK since 2010, prior to which he worked across educational and public affairs roles within the charity. He is an expert on humanism who has written widely on the subject, and is regularly invited to appear on TV and radio news programmes. As well as these roles, Andrew is a trustee of the Religious Education Council and President of Humanists International – the umbrella body bringing the global humanist movement together to pursue human rights at an international level.

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