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Protect legal abortions

The US decision to overturn Roe v Wade has shown how fragile our basic human rights can be.

We want to take this opportunity to protect legal abortions in the UK for all time by taking abortion out of the criminal code, where it sits now, and establish that the right of a woman to control her body is a basic human right that should be recognised explicitly in law.

Help make our law more humane.

Pro Life protesters
Implement Buffer Zones Now

Recent news articles have highlighted the alarming increase in harassment outside abortion clinics. It is essential that women no longer have to suffer this harmful behaviour.  

We are calling upon the UK Government to take immediate action by implementing safe access zones around these clinics to ensure the safety, privacy, and dignity of women seeking these essential healthcare services.

Bishops out of the Lords!

We are not a Christian country, yet 26 Bishops from the Church of England have the right to vote in our House of Lords. Write to your MP today and say you want them out!

Help support a future debates in the House of Commons on the bishops by writing to your MP today!

End faith schools

Donate today to fund and resource Britain’s only dedicated campaigner against faith schools.

Help us defend the rights of children and teachers by campaigning to end state religious schools, religious discrimination in admissions, and compulsory collective worship, and for the introduction of comprehensive relationships and sex education in all schools.

Support our campaign to end faith schools by donating today.

End religious selection

Every spring, thousands of parents across England face a dilemma that should belong in the history books – whether to lie about their beliefs and send their child to a faith school that they really don’t agree with, or to accept that their child will not get a place in their local school.

A third of state-funded schools in the UK are faith-based. They can, and many do, determine their pupil and staff intake based on religion. 

We think this is wrong.

End compulsory worship

Did you know the UK is the only country in the world to impose Christian worship in state schools? Current law in England and Wales requires all state-funded schools to conduct daily acts of ‘worship’ of a ‘Christian character’. We’re calling on the Government to replace compulsory worship with inclusive assemblies for all.

Sign our petition and back inclusive assemblies for all.

End Faith Schools

At schools around the UK, children have become an unwitting audience for evangelists, peddling creationism, homophobia, and anti-abortion ideologies to their young minds

Non-religious (and non-Christian) children are being subjected to Christian evangelism in schools because the church and faith institutions play a strong role in our education system. We don’t think it should! 

And this is just a part of what’s happening in faith schools today.

Repeal NI blasphemy laws

Northern Ireland will soon be the last part of the UK or Ireland to have a blasphemy law in statute. These laws are used around the world to suppress free expression and persecute political and religious minorities. We want to see them urgently repealed.

Urge your MLA today for a repeal of Northern Ireland’s blasphemy laws.

Replace parliamentary prayers

Did you know each session of Parliament starts with prayers? And did you know that, due to limited seats, this means that non-Christian MPs and peers find it more difficult to speak in Parliament’s busiest and most important debates?

We’re calling for Parliament to review this and introduce an inclusive model of time for reflection, which works well in the Scottish Parliament.

Please will you sign our petition for a modern Parliament?

Legally Recognise Humanist Marriage

Humanist marriages are now more popular than Christian weddings in Scotland, where they have been legally recognised since 2005.

Humanist weddings are also legally recognised in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Jersey, and Guernsey. So why not in England and Wales? 

A whole decade on from Parliament voting in a new category of marriage, so the government can change the law to include humanist marriage, they haven’t started to implement it. 

Add your name to demand change, now!

Support humanist marriages

Humanist marriages are legally recognised in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but humanist couples in England and Wales face discrimination and are forced to have a separate civil marriage.

We want the UK Government to end the inequality faced by humanists by bringing the law in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland, giving legal recognition to humanist marriages in England and Wales.

Write to your MP to end humanist marriage inequality.

Ban conversion therapy

Religious conversion ‘therapy’ has no place in modern Britain but the UK government STILL hasn’t fully banned religious conversion therapy that harms LGBT people!

Vulnerable gay, bi, and transgender people are being forced to ‘pray the gay away’ – but the Government is STILL dragging its heels on banning conversion therapy.

If you agree this is an outrage, sign now.

End religious advantage in our institutions

In 2024, religion is still influencing all aspects of public life.

Religious figures get a say in UK laws. All too often, religious chaplains are the only option for pastoral care in NHS hospitals. And prayers are mandatory in the schools that shape young minds. 

At Humanists UK, we’re pushing for a UK that represents the non-religious majority but it will take everyone speaking out to help win the change we need. 

Do good without believing in a god

At Humanists UK, we bring together thousands of people who share this outlook on life to influence public debate and policy, to support our human rights and democracy, and to fight for equal dignity and treatment of everyone – whatever their views or beliefs.

If you agree that morality doesn’t have a religion, you might be a humanist. Add your name to join a movement that believes in equality and justice for all.

Free Mubarak Bala now!

Mubarak remains in prison in Nigeria, because of unjust and inhumane blasphemy laws there. He has been treated atrociously, and denied access to lawyers, family and legal counsel for extended periods of time.

His imprisonment is a violation of freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief.

Please write to your MP today, to ask them to call for his immediate and unconditional release.

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