Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find someone to conduct a humanist funeral?
How can I find someone to conduct a humanist wedding?
How can I find someone to conduct a naming ceremony?

Our humanist funerals, humanist weddings and humanist baby naming ceremonies are held by accredited celebrants on the Humanist Ceremonies network. You can search for a celebrant near you by selecting the type of ceremony and entering a postcode. Read more about Humanist Ceremonies.

I care about your campaigns work. How can I help? What should I do?

See our page What you can do to help for general advice as well as the individual action pages underneath it which change depending on current campaign actions.

As you browse our campaigns pages you will also find actions that you can take at the bottom of most pages.

If you haven’t done so already you can also register for our e-bulletin, to stay in touch with our news and keep up to date with regular information on how you can help.

Is your campaigning negative or anti-religious?

Sometimes people tell us that they agree with the humanist worldview, and even agree with what we want to achieve in our public affairs work, but that this work seems somehow “negative”.

Social and civic reform, and engaging in the public square as part of active and ethical citizenship, have always been important parts of Humanism. Any campaigning organisation can sometimes seem negative, but it is important to remember that every campaign against something is a campaign in favour of positive change. We campaigned against the blasphemy laws because we are in favour of free speech, we campaign against ‘faith’ schools because we support inclusive education. Sometimes it is best to campaign ‘against’ something, sometimes ‘for’ something. Often, we make clear both what needs to change and then give positive reasons why that is the case.

Humanists UK also positively promotes Humanism, producing resources for schools, supporting local humanist groups, hosting events and lectures, and publishing successful booklets, which always sell out.

Also, when religious groups share our aims, we work with them to achieve our common goals. We successfully co-founded the Accord coalition, for example, where we work alongside religious groups and individuals (as well as various human rights organisations and teachers’ unions) on an on-going basis, in favour of inclusive and non-discriminatory schools.

Where is my nearest local humanist group?
How do I get in touch with my nearest local humanist group?
What do local groups do?

See our page on Local Humanism.

How do I get in touch with Patron X?

We will not give out personal contact details for Patrons. Whether we can ask someone to get in touch with you will depend on the message you have; it would be inappropriate to forward on lots of fan mail, for example. Agents’ details or other publicly available contact information may be available online elsewhere and you should normally search for this yourself. Media enquirers should see the ‘Media Enquiries’ section on our Contact page.

Join me on Facebook/Twitter etc!

See the links at the top of each page for Humanists UK’s official online presences. Please do not send requests to join social networking sites to our general contact email addresses, or to named staff email addresses unless you have an existing relationship with them.

How do I get in touch with a member of staff?

You can find contact details for some members of staff by visiting the staff page.

How do I become a member?

You can join Humanists UK as a member. If you’d prefer to join offline then please email or call our main office number on 020 7324 3060 to request an information pack or a membership form.

How do I find more information on what you do?

You can find out more about the humanist worldview, our humanist ceremonies, our campaigns and our education work, using the menu bar to the top of this page, and about our most recent work under News.

I have an enquiry about my membership.
I have an enquiry about an online order.

For membership and other enquiries, such as web shop product delivery or information on your sales order, please email or call our main office number: 020 7324 3060.