Event policies

Refunds and cancellations

Lectures and day-conferences: If after booking you are unable to attend an event, please contact a member of our team by email to let us know as soon as possible. Cancellations received with a minimum of seven days notice prior to the start of the event will be entitled to a full refund. Cancellations received after this deadline will not be eligible for a refund.

If you have any queries about our cancellation policy, please contact us by email at info@humanists.uk.

Other events, such as the Humanists UK Annual Convention, will have their own cancellation policy.

Conduct at Events

Purpose and Scope of Policy

Humanists UK aims to ensure that everyone attending our conferences and events can participate in them fully. We are committed to providing a safe and hospitable environment at our events and prohibit intimidating, threatening, or harassing conduct. This policy applies to speakers, staff, volunteers, exhibitors, and delegates.

Please contact us 

If you wish to report any incidents or behaviour in violation of this policy, please contact our office at info@humanists.uk, or by telephone on 020 7324 3060, or by finding a member of Humanists UK team. We will take complaints seriously, and respond appropriately.

When there is a reasonable basis for believing the conduct is illegal, appropriate law enforcement authorities will be notified.

Reporting Hostile or Harassing Conduct; Investigations

Reports of hostile or harassing conduct will be promptly addressed. Where a report of hostile or harassing conduct is made to conference staff after the conduct has occurred, reasonable measures will be taken to establish the facts. This will typically include discussion with witnesses, if any, and the person accused of engaging in the prohibited conduct. Inquiries into hostile or harassing conduct will be carried out as confidentially as possible given the circumstances.


Humanists UK will make a written record of all complaints/incidents as soon as practicable. These records will be used in connection with implementing this policy. These records will be held by Humanists UK and will not be disclosed to individuals outside of the organisation except as required by law.

Filming and photography

Humanists UK seeks to record all our events where possible. If you would prefer to ensure that you will not be captured on camera, please contact events@humanists.uk and we will make all reasonable accommodations.