Young Humanists is the 18-35 section of Humanists UK. We want a world where tolerance, empathy and reason prevail, and where policy is created on the basis of evidence and equality. We work to ensure that more and more young people are aware of and active in humanism at the local level, and provide a national voice on issues that are relevant to them.

What do we do?

  • We help young people understand what humanism is, and that they may already be living by humanist values
  • We run local and national events, providing opportunities for Young Humanists to meet, socialise, and learn
  • We support Humanists UK with their campaigns (e.g. on humanist marriage) by making sure that young people are active in the campaign and that their views are represented
  • We make sure that the humanist worldview is fairly represented in society (e.g. taking part in media engagements, representing the humanist point of view at interfaith events, running social media campaigns, sitting on school boards, and much more).

Sign Up

All members of Humanists UK in the 18-35 age bracket are automatically members of Young Humanists. Just remember to tell us your date of birth when you sign up, or update it via your member dashboard if you’re already a member. It couldn’t be simpler to join Young Humanists:

Why should you join? As well as helping support all our services and campaigns to create a better society, membership puts you at the heart of a thriving movement of like-minded individuals.

Plus, there are a lot of benefits to signing up. Not only will you be supporting our work, as a member you’ll receive the Humanists UK Newsletter four times a year, a free welcome pack and gifts, access to our online members’ area, the opportunity to shape Humanists UK policy and campaigns, and best of all; you’ll be the first to hear about our local events, lectures, annual conventions, and comedy nights!

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and our Events page.

To contact us, please email:


Young Humanists is wholly run and supported by volunteers from across the UK. Volunteering with Young Humanists can help you gain experience in project management, event planning, public speaking, and much more, as well as helping you to build a local and national network of new friends and professional contacts. You’ll also play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the Humanist movement in the UK.

We are currently recruiting for a Young Humanists Ambassador for Northern Ireland, a Young Humanists Events Manager and Young Humanists Ambassadors. Please follow the links for more information about these roles and also how to apply.

As a Young Humanists volunteer, you could be involved in:

  • Being an Ambassador in your local area – engaging with local Humanist groups to help them attract young people, running local events (face to face and online), representing Young Humanists at events in your area, and supporting Humanists UK’s campaigns (e.g. engaging with local organisations or encouraging people in your area to write to their MP on a particular issue)
  • Supporting Young Humanists with a specific skill – such as managing our social media feed, helping with graphic design, or writing surveys on our behalf
  • Helping to increase the public understanding of humanism – through the Humanists UK school speaker programme or by speaking at interfaith forum or other local events
  • Help us ‘Humanise Humanism’ by writing a blog on relevant issue, sharing what Humanism means to you, or being part of a panel or speaker event on a topic you’re passionate about
  • Getting involved in Humanist UK pastoral care services – such as training to become a Pastoral Carer or a Humanist Ceremonies Celebrant
  • Being part of our national committee – leading on strategy, comms, events, or volunteering.

Sound interesting? Email us at to find out more.