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Peers come out strongly in favour of Inclusive Assemblies Bill

A Bill proposing to replace the requirement for schools without a religious character to carry out Christian worship with inclusive assemblies has today passed its second stage in the House of Lords. Humanists UK, which has long campaigned for reforms to the law mandating worship in schools, said it was delighted that a strong majority […]

Majority of parents think compulsory school worship law should not be enforced, new poll reveals, as Lords propose reform

A law from 1944 that mandates Christian worship in non-religious state schools in England is coming under challenge in Parliament today, as peers debate replacing it with a requirement for inclusive assemblies for all. The law was controversial even when first agreed seven decades ago. However, it is now widely seen as unacceptable, with new […]

Child sexual abuse inquiry raises serious alarm about illegal schools

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has today published its report on child protection in religious organisations and settings. Its report substantially focuses on issues related to out-of-school settings, particularly illegal schools. The report provides significant evidence of widespread abuse in these settings, and makes the argument that such abuse is enabled due […]

Historic first: Northern Ireland Catholic school becomes integrated

The first Catholic school in Northern Ireland to become integrated will open to pupils tomorrow. Northern Ireland Humanists has long campaigned for children from different religious and non-religious backgrounds to be educated together. It called the news ‘a victory for inclusive education’. Seaview Primary School in Glenarm was granted permission to transition from Catholic to […]

Party leaders unite to welcome fifth anniversary of Northern Ireland Humanists

Northern Ireland’s party leaders sent messages of support and congratulations as Northern Ireland Humanists marks its fifth anniversary this week. Northern Ireland Humanists celebrated its fifth anniversary on Tuesday 31 August with a special event hosted by Tim McGarry, Northern Ireland Humanists patron, and Boyd Sleator, Northern Ireland Humanists’ Coordinator. To mark this significant milestone, […]

High Court to hear case against faith school takeover in Somerset

The High Court has granted permission for a family to challenge Somerset County Council’s decision to merge two local schools, one without a religious character, resulting in the creation of one school under the auspices of the Church of England. Under the Council’s proposals, local parents would be left with little choice but to have […]

Humanists respond to crisis in Afghanistan

Take action today by writing to your MP to urge them to advocate for a humanitarian response to the crisis. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has been devastating for millions of people, with many losing their lives, livelihoods, or being internally displaced. The crisis is particularly devastating for women and girls. They now face being […]

Professor Nichola Raihani to deliver Voltaire Lecture 2021

Humanists UK has announced the Voltaire Lecture 2021 – The Social Instinct – will be delivered by Nichola Raihani, psychologist, Professor of Evolution and Behaviour, and author of a 2021 book by the same name. Following the lecture, taking place on Wednesday 22 September, Raihani will be presented with the Voltaire Lecture Medal by Humanists […]

Northern Ireland Humanists announces five year anniversary celebration

Northern Ireland Humanists will be celebrating its five years of work advancing humanism, rational thinking, and kindness in Northern Ireland with a special anniversary event on 31 August. The event, which is being hosted by the comedian and Northern Ireland Humanists patron Tim McGarry, will also see the launch of a brand new report examining […]

71% in Northern Ireland want end to faith-segregated schools

71% of people in Northern Ireland want to see an end to religiously segregated schools, according to the latest polling data from LucidTalk. Northern Ireland Humanists has said the data should give ministers confidence to press ahead with a reformed single education system, and that the time has come to leave behind the divisions of […]

Children in care excluded from 76% of Catholic and all Jewish secondaries through admissions policies – new research

Religious state schools routinely de-prioritise children who are or were in care in their admissions policies, by making use of their powers to select pupils on faith grounds. That’s the finding of a new report from Humanists UK. The report – Careless or uncaring? How faith schools turn away children who are or were in […]

UK Government has no idea how many children locked out of schools because of faith admissions

The UK Government has admitted it has no idea how many children in England are locked out of their local schools because of faith-based admissions policies. Nor does it know how many families have had to place their children in faith schools because there are no community schools in their local area. Humanists UK campaigns […]

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