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Northern Ireland’s political leaders must do more to support integrated education, report concludes

Political leaders in Northern Ireland must do more to support integrated education, a new report has argued. Northern Ireland Humanists, which has long-campaigned for a single-system of education that teaches children from different backgrounds together, has welcomed the conclusions. The report was published by the University of Ulster’s UNESCO Centre this week. It says that […]

Jersey Assembly votes for humane right to die law

Jersey’s States Assembly today approved a proposal to change the law on assisted dying for adult islanders with terminal or incurable conditions, who have a clear and settled wish to end their lives. Channel Islands Humanists, part of Humanists UK, which campaigns for a right to die for those with terminal or incurable illnesses, praised […]

Northern Ireland’s blasphemy laws are ‘archaic and have no place in modern society’ confirms Justice Minister

Northern Ireland Justice Minister Naomi Long has repeated her call for the blasphemy laws to be repealed stating that they are ‘archaic and that they have no place in modern society.’ She had previously confirmed her support for repeal in March this year, alongside Finance Minister Conor Murphy, following a campaign by Northern Ireland Humanists. […]

Angela Barnes appointed patron for Humanists UK

Humanists UK is delighted to announce the appointment of its newest patron, Angela Barnes. Angela is an award-winning comedian who joins a stable of over 180 Humanists UK patrons with distinguished careers in arts, literature, science, academia, politics, and community and civic activism. Angela Barnes is a stand-up comedian and comedy show panellist. In 2011 […]

Humanist Climate Action reflect on COP26

Humanist Climate Action is a volunteer-led network of Humanists UK members and supporters committed to redefining lifestyles and campaigning for policies that promote low-carbon, ethical, and sustainable living in the light of the degeneration of the Earth’s climate and biodiversity. On 6 November, Humanist Climate Action joined forces with Eco-Humanists, from Humanist Society Scotland, at […]

Jersey Assembly to discuss proposed right to die law

Jersey’s States Assembly will meet today to discuss proposals from the Citizens’ Jury to change the law for adult islanders with terminal or incurable conditions who have a clear and settled wish to end their lives. Channel Islands Humanists, part of Humanists UK, campaigns to legalise assisted dying for both the terminally ill and incurably […]

Northern Ireland Humanists calls for integrated education to be top human rights priority

Northern Ireland Humanists has called on the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission to prioritise integrated education in its strategic plan for the next three years. At present, most children from Catholic and Protestant backgrounds are educated apart from one another. Northern Ireland Humanists advocates for schools to educate children from different religious and belief backgrounds […]

Family to challenge law requiring Christian RE and worship in Northern Ireland schools

The High Court will consider a challenge to the laws requiring faith-based Christian religious education (RE) and collective worship in schools in Northern Ireland today. A non-religious family is mounting the legal challenge arguing the exclusively Christian nature of RE and worship violates their human rights. The case is being supported by Northern Ireland Humanists. […]

Education Committee discusses massively diluting Integrated Education Bill

The Northern Ireland Education Committee yesterday discussed significantly watering down the Integrated Education Bill. In its current form, the Bill requires the promotion of integrated education, but this may be removed following a meeting in Stormont. A number of amendments to the Bill were proposed, including changing the promoting requirement to merely supporting integrated education. […]

Humanists UK launches season four of its podcast ‘What I Believe’

Humanists UK is launching season four of its hit podcast, What I Believe, with the help of some well-known humanists including Shaparak Khorsandi, John Amaechi, and Steven Pinker. Each week, host Andrew Copson speaks to a humanist in the public eye about what they believe, to understand more about the values, convictions, and opinions they […]

Humanists ‘are discriminated against in 144 countries’ – 2021 Freedom of Thought Report

Humanists are discriminated against in 144 countries across the globe. 83 countries have criminal punishments for blasphemy or apostasy, including 13 where it remains a capital offence. In 12 countries, government figures or state agencies openly marginalise, harass, or incite hatred or violence against the non-religious. These are the top-line findings of the tenth annual […]

Humanists pay tribute on Remembrance Day 2021

Humanists UK and Defence Humanists have marked Remembrance Day 2021 by holding their annual Service sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, and by taking part in national and local Remembrance Day ceremonies across the UK. The annual Humanist Remembrance Day ceremony was broadcast at 10:00 on Remembrance Day on the subject of ‘human values’. The […]

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