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Success! Jersey Ministers move forward with right to die law

Channel Islands Humanists and Humanists UK have welcomed the news that Jersey’s Council of Ministers have brought forward proposals for assisted dying. The proposals are to change the law for adult islanders with terminal or incurable conditions who have a clear and settled wish to end their lives. Humanists UK has hailed this as a […]

Success as Humanists UK returns to party conferences

Humanists UK made a buzz returning to the party conference scene this year. Staff attended the Conservative and Labour Party conferences, with an exhibition stand and fringe event at both. Humanists UK had great success in meeting over 100 MPs and peers, including many ministers, and greeting and recruiting members. Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats […]

MP proposes new measure to reduce non-stunned slaughter of animals

Chris Loder, MP for West Dorset and animal welfare campaigner, has announced he will lay an amendment to the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill to reduce the number of animals slaughtered without stunning. Humanists UK, which campaigns to repeal religious exemptions to animal welfare legislation which allow animals to be slaughtered without pre-stunning, has welcomed […]

That’s humanism! Stephen Fry and Humanists UK explore humanism in new social media campaign

Humanists UK has teamed up with its patron Stephen Fry to explore humanist ideas about some of life’s big questions with a new educational campaign entitled That’s humanism! The four videos, entitled ‘How can I be happy?’, ‘What should we think about death?’, ‘How do we know what’s true?’ and ‘What makes something right or […]

Nichola Raihani appointed patron of Humanists UK

Humanists UK is delighted to announce the appointment of its newest patron, Professor Nichola Raihani. Raihani is a renowned evolutionary biologist who joins a stable of over 170 Humanists UK patrons with distinguished careers in arts, literature, science, academia, politics, and community and civic activism. Nichola Raihani is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and […]

Humanists UK at UN urges repeal of blasphemy and apostasy laws in Somalia

In its latest intervention at the UN Human Rights Council, Humanists UK has called on the Government of Somalia to remove blasphemy from its penal code and to repeal the death penalty for apostasy. Speaking via a video intervention during the Universal Periodic Review of Somalia’s human rights performance, Humanists UK’s Campaigns Officer Rachel Taggart-Ryan […]

Afghan resettlement schemes must protect the non-religious, Humanists UK tells UN

Humanists UK has called on the UN Human Rights Council to take greater action to protect the human rights of religious and non-religious minority groups in Afghanistan facing persecution in the wake of the Taliban takeover. Speaking via a video intervention, Humanists UK Chief Executive Andrew Copson stated, ‘Even before the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan was […]

Humanist walks in Bloomsbury and Manchester commemorate 125 years of Humanists UK

In celebration of its 125th anniversary, Humanists UK has partnered with the guided walking tours app Go Jauntly to produce free guided walks for two sites rich with humanist history: Bloomsbury and Manchester. About our humanist walking tours The walks provide an opportunity to learn more about a host of better and lesser-known humanists, and […]

Bursary launched in honour of humanist ceremonies pioneer as she retires from Birmingham Humanists Committee

A new bursary has been launched to honour Jane Wynne Willson, author and patron of Humanists UK, who stepped down from the Committee of Birmingham Humanists on Sunday. To mark the occasion, a celebrant training bursary was launched in her honour. The Jane Wynne Willson Celebrant Training Bursary, provided by Birmingham Humanists and Humanists UK, […]

Nichola Raihani explains the evolutionary origins of cooperation in the biggest Voltaire Lecture to date

Nichola Raihani, Professor of Evolution and Behaviour at UCL, and author of The Social Instinct: How Cooperation Shaped the World, on Wednesday night delivered the Voltaire Lecture 2021 on the same title, in an event viewed by over 1,000 people worldwide and chaired by Humanists UK President Professor Alice Roberts. Describing human cooperation as ‘our […]

Visit Humanists UK at this year’s party conferences

Humanists UK is attending the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences this year and has a stand and fringe event at both. Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats had a stand and ran two fringe events at the Liberal Democrats Party Conference which took place last weekend. Conservative Party Conference (Sunday 3 to Wednesday 6 October) Come […]

Northern Ireland Humanists celebrant to take part in Northern Ireland’s Thought for the Day for the first time

Tomorrow (Wednesday 22 September) Janni Knox will be the first Northern Ireland Humanists voice to take part in Northern Ireland’s Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Ulster. Janni is a Northern Ireland Humanists weddings, namings, and funerals celebrant based in Belfast. Her contribution will be focused on the Balmoral Show. It marks the start […]

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