Setting up a group

If you are thinking about setting up a Local Group, or reviving an old one, these pages are here to help – and to make it easy! If you have any questions, please contact us at

Why start a group?

Some people ask why humanists want to get together in a local group. They assume that a group would sit around talking about the non-existence of God and attacking religious groups and they might think that the whole point of being an atheist is that you do not want to be part of any organisation.

These assumptions are, of course, misguided as there are many and varied reasons for coming together, and it is worth stating some of the main ones:

  • To meet and socialise with like-minded people;
  • To campaign on humanist and secularist issues;
  • To exchange ideas and debate;
  • To learn (e.g. through guest speakers);
  • To represent humanist views in local affairs, and provide a balance to the influence of religious groups;
  • To promote and celebrate scientific and rational thinking;
  • To promote humanism as a life-stance;
  • To have fun!

By providing a forum for these kinds of activities, a local group can become an important asset, not just to the humanists in your area, but to your whole community; so we hope that you will take on the challenge of doing so.


Setting up a group
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