Support offered to new groups

What we can offer a new partner group

We hope, with this support, you are able to establish yourself as the local humanist group and be in a position to sign up to the Partnership Agreement. Once the group has signed the agreement it is able to take full advantage of the benefits of being a Partner Group. Until a group becomes a fully signed partner, Humanists UK still offers support to help you establish a successful group and quickly move towards full Partnership status.

The support Humanists UK can offer to new groups includes –

  • Contact local members by email with details of the group’s first event
  • Provide you with reasonable numbers of leaflets, flyers, copies of Humanists UK news for your first event
  • Advertise your first event on the ‘Groups Event’ section of Humanists UK’s website
  • Contact other local groups, Humanist Student societies, and members of the sections of Humanists UK to help run the first event
  • You can even ask Humanists UK to check to how many members and supporters we have in the area

All this support can be obtained by emailing and we would point out that this is not an exhaustive list, as you can ask for any ad hoc support that may be needed as long as we are able to provide it.

Local Groups – an alternative model

As Humanists UK Local Groups are integrated parts of Humanists UK, the level and type of support offered to the local teams who run them differs. For more information contact