Why become a partner group of Humanists UK?

Being part of a national movement

By becoming a partner of Humanists UK, the group will be joining a growing number of organisations and people who share our vision to create a kinder, more tolerant society. Partners of Humanists UK are able to network and communicate with each other quickly to share ideas, to pool resources, and to have a wider reach than any stand alone group might hope to achieve.

Specific Advantages Partners enjoy:

  • Humanists UK to check to how many members and supporters we have in the area
  • Full access to the special Partner Group platform, which contains a wide number of guides and resources for Partner groups to use
  • Provide leaflets, flyers, and copies of Humanists UK news
  • Include the group’s news in the main Humanists UK Newsletter or E-bulletin
  • Invite representatives to the Groups Representative Annual Meeting (GRAM)
  • Contact local members with details of the group’s events from time to time
  • Display group’s detail on the Local Groups Map (based on venue address)
  • Advertise events on the ‘Groups’ Event’ section of Humanists UK’s website
  • Assist with setting up email, website, and social media accounts.