Obituaries of Humanists UK Patrons

Humanists UK has been supported in its work by an extensive list of patrons who lent their association and public profile to the humanist cause in a variety of ways. Some were appointed as patrons for their specific contributions to human rights, equality, and justice; others for contributions to humanist philosophy; and some for artistic achievements which have helped to shed light on the human condition. Many others were recognised for specific work in science, or journalism, or furthering human welfare.

The patrons below were all individuals with unique and varying opinions, points of view, and stances on many issues, and naturally they didn’t speak for Humanists UK on every subject where they had opinions. What they had in common was their public support for Humanists UK, our advocacy work, our services, and our campaigns. Collectively they showcased the diversity of humanist thinking, and humanist achievement, in public life.

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Alan Brownjohn
Writer and poet
Professor Sir Anthony Epstein CBE FRS
Eminent pathologist and virologist,
Michael Gore CVO, CBE
Lord Hughes of Woodside (1932-2022)
Labour peer
Paul Lamb (1955-2021)
Assisted dying campaigner
Professor Lewis Wolpert CBE FRS (1929-2021)
Distinguished developmental biologist and Vice-President of Humanists UK
Samuel Brittan (1933-2020)
Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan (1945-2020)
Labour politician and life peer
Sir James Gowans FRS (1924-2020)
Tristan Garel-Jones (1941-2020)
Lord (Ted) Graham (1925-2020)
Professor Sir Hans Kornberg FRS (1928-2019)
Sir Jonathan Miller CBE (1934-2019)
Professor Sir David Weatherall FRS, DL, MB, ChB, FRCP, FRCPE (1933-2018)
Distinguished clinician and scientist
Sir David Smith FRS FRSE
Eminent botanist
Sir John Sulston FRS (1942-2018)
Nobel Prize-winning scientist
Baroness Turner of Camden (1927-2018)
Labour life peer
Kenneth Stuart (1920-2017)
Lord Joffe CBE (1932-2017)
Crossbench life peer
Rhodri Morgan (1939-2017)
Welsh Labour politician
Professor Robert Hinde (1923-2016)
Professor Sir Harold Kroto FRS (1939-2016)
Nobel Prize winner and Professor of Chemistry
Maurice Peston, Lord Peston (1931-2016)
Labour peer
Eric Avebury (1928–2016)
Warren Mitchell (1926-2015)
Paul Rose (1935-2015)
Labour politician and campaigner
David Nobbs (1935-2015)
Terry Pratchett (1948–2015)
Fantasy fiction author, and satirist
His Honour Jeremy McMullen QC (1949-2015)
Dr Harry Stopes-Roe (1924-2014)
Vice President of Humanists UK
Dennis Turner, Lord Bilston (1942-2014)
Professor Hugh Huxley (1924-2013)
Elaine Morgan (1920-2013)
Faith Brook (1922-2012)
Film, TV, and theatre actress
Professor Lord Wedderburn of Charlton QC FBA (1927-2012)
Claire Rayner (1931-2010)
Journalist, broadcaster, novelist, nurse, agony aunt, and former President of Humanists UK
Ashok Kumar (1956-2010)
Michael Majerus (1954-2009)
Leader of the evolutionary genetics group at Cambridge University and "geneticist who defended Darwin in the battle against creationism"
Harold Blackham (1903-2009)
Philosopher, writer, teacher, and former President of Humanists UK
Sir Michael Levey (1927-2008)
Distinguished art historian
Harold Pinter (1930-2008)
Actor, playwright, and political activist
James Hemming (1909-2008)
Humanist, educationalist, child psychologist, writer and activist,  for former President of Humanists UK
George Melly (1926-2007)
Jazz singer, writer, and former President of the British Humanist Association
Linda Smith (1958-2006)
Comedian, writer, and former President of Humanists UK
John Fowles (1926-2005)
Professor Sir Hermann Bondi FRS (1919-2005)
Mathematician and astronomer, former Master of Churchill College, and President of Humanists UK
Sir Roy Calne FRS
Pioneering transplant surgeon
Glenys Kinnock, Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead
Labour politician and life peer
Professor Colin Blakemore FRS, FMedSci, FSB, Hon FRCP
Distinguished scientist