Humanist Teachers: What We Do


What do we do?

  • We promote teaching about humanism in schools as part of inclusive Religious Education and raise awareness of the contribution humanism can make to RE and the wider curriculum.
  • We support each other and other teachers to provide high-quality education about humanism.
  • We raise, and advise on, issues relating to religion and belief in schools and other education settings.
  • We provide a humanist voice in schools (e.g. as teacher governors), at education events, and to parents, and help to raise people’s awareness and understanding of humanism and the humanist perspective.
  • We support specific Humanists UK campaigns relevant to education (e.g. inclusive RE, inclusive assemblies, relationships and sex education).

What sorts of activities do Humanist Teachers get involved in?

  • Supporting and engaging in conversations about best practice in teaching and learning about humanism and what teachers need to deliver this
  • Sharing ideas, challenges, and successes with other members of the network
  • Reviewing and producing education resources on humanism
  • Encouraging the inclusion of references to, and resources on, humanism in the wider curriculum (e.g. PSHE, history, English, SMSC)
  • Promoting education resources on humanism (including the Understanding Humanism website) and disseminating best practice on teaching about humanism
  • Raising awareness of events such as World Humanist Day
  • Supporting the training and development of Humanists UK’s school speakers
  • Supporting, advising on, and promoting the need for teacher training about humanism
  • Supporting adult education about humanism
  • Running humanist lunchtime / afterschool clubs for students
  • Working to ensure the provision of inclusive assemblies in schools
  • Supporting the introduction and delivery of high-quality relationships and sex education
  • Promoting the support offered by Faith to Faithless in schools
  • Raising awareness of, and supporting, specific Humanists UK education campaigns

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