2014 09 16 LW v1 Download the posters

To download any of our ‘Thought for the Commute‘ posters, simply right click the image you’d like to save a copy and choose ‘Save image as…’ or ‘Save picture as…’ to download the image file.

2014 09 16 LW v1 Licensing

Our ‘Thought for the Commute’ posters are available for download under a Creative Commons license. This means they’re available to download for personal, non-commercial use, so long as you credit Humanists UK and Alexander Taylor of when doing so, and may not be used to produce derivative works.

If you are fundraising to put these posters up in your local area, and would like help from us negotiating with transport authorities about this, email for more information.

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The below photographs are available for media purposes. Click the shot to download a 2200px version.