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One Life, Live It Well: Humanists UK’s new schools video with Alice Roberts

Humanists UK has teamed up with broadcaster and scientist Professor Alice Roberts to explore the humanist approach to life in a brand new animation aimed at children entitled One Life, Live It Well. The video officially launches online today, and is the latest resource from Understanding Humanism, the charity’s programme supporting learning about humanism in classrooms across the country.

In the video, Alice Roberts, who is Vice President of Humanists UK, describes the humanist view of life by analogy with a piece of string – with a definitive beginning and a definitive end. The video goes on to emphasise the humanist view that, although our lives are finite, the decisions we make and the connections we nurture can bring meaning, purpose, and fulfilment while we’re here. Simply put, says Alice, it is up to each of us to shape our lives, to help others, to protect nature, and to live our lives to the fullest in the here and now, in the one life we know we have.

The short film was animated by OOF Animation. It will accompany other resources and activities designed to support young people, including practical classroom exercises using the piece of string analogy to better understand the humanist approach to life.

One of the main aims of Humanists UK is to raise awareness and understanding of humanism. Through its Understanding Humanism website, Humanists UK supports teachers and schools to deliver engaging lessons about humanism as an example of a non-religious worldview as part of an inclusive education about religion and worldviews. Its resources are downloaded tens of thousands of times every year.

In the video, Alice saysLife is like a piece of string. It has a beginning and an end. We don’t get much say about that. But we can make choices about the bit in between.’ From this starting point she goes on to say why a non-supernatural view of life inspires humanists to champion freedom, happiness, and equal rights for everyone: ‘This is the one life we have and so it makes sense to make the most of it in the here and now.

Director of Understanding Humanism Luke Donnellan commented:

‘We’re delighted with this simple but beautiful illustration of the humanist approach to life. The Understanding Humanism team is always looking for creative ways to support teaching and learning about humanism and humanist values. We hope it will be of value to teachers and schools as well as engaging a wider public audience with what it means to have a humanist outlook on life.’


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Understanding Humanism is Humanists UK’s education service. It aims to introduce young people to humanism as an example of a non-religious worldview.  It provides teachers with the resources necessary to teach accurate, high-quality lessons about humanism, and assists them with the development of their own subject knowledge. The Understanding Humanism website offers information and services, including free school speakers who can work with teachers to broaden students’ understanding. Visit Understanding Humanism at

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