Non-Religious Pastoral Support Practitioner

We’re always looking for empathetic individuals with great listening skills to train as non-religious pastoral support practitioners and join the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network (NRPSN), working within Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care teams to provide like-minded support for people in difficult times. Research has shown that despite purporting to support everyone, only 4% of chaplaincy team visits are made to non-religious people. However, 69% of the population think specific non-religious care should be available, and non-religious people have the same need to talk about ‘the big questions’ and receive like-minded support.

Our volunteers and paid members work in the NHS, HMPPS, and the armed forces. We have trained more than 300 pastoral carers, and currently have a presence in 9% of prisons and in 30% of NHS Trusts and growing. The covid-19 pandemic has severely affected our volunteer numbers, and we are working hard to ensure that non-religious pastoral care is available to all. Will you join us in making pastoral care more inclusive and equal?

Upcoming training dates:

  • London – 27 & 28 July 2024
  • Swansea – 26 & 27 October 2024

After training, if you’re not seeking a paid position, you’ll usually need to be able to commit at least half a day a week to volunteering, and you’ll need some tenacity along with the confidence and interpersonal skills to work with religious colleagues. You’ll be rewarded by being a positive support to people in their hour of need, and by being part of real change in how institutions support non-religious people.

Please read the attached Application Pack, and then complete and return the Application Form (when you click the link it may automatically download to your device) to register your interest. The application deadline is six weeks before your chosen course, and interviews will be completed shortly after your application is received.

If you have any questions please reach out to Clare Elcombe Webber, Director of Humanist Care at