VACANCIES: Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network

Humanists UK has a small team of expert staff, and a friendly and supportive work environment.
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NRPSN Sector Coordinator

Is this the right position for you? The Sector Coordinator (SC) is a crucial role within the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network (NRPSN), responsible for providing targeted support and guidance to newly accredited members within their respective fields of expertise, along with ongoing support and coordination for other members active in your sector. The SC plays… Continue reading NRPSN Sector Coordinator

Non-Religious Pastoral Support Volunteers

We’re always looking for empathetic individuals with great listening skills to train as non-religious pastoral support volunteers and join the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network (NRPSN), working within Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care teams to provide like-minded support for people in difficult times. Research has shown that despite purporting to support everyone, only 4% of chaplaincy team visits are made to non-religious people. However,… Continue reading Non-Religious Pastoral Support Volunteers