Public Ceremonies

Public occasions like remembrance ceremonies for those who have died in war or in natural disasters, ceremonies that occur at meetings of civic importance like local council meetings, and other shared events, are an important part of the life of any society.

In a society with a Christian past and traditions like the UK, such ceremonies are often led by priests, chaplains or other religious representatives. But in an increasingly diverse and increasingly non-religious society, there is a trend towards either including a range of representatives at such events – including non-religious representatives – or seeking a person to lead such events who will conduct an inclusive secular ceremony, relevant to all.

Our celebrants are men and women who are trained in the art and craft of ceremony. In shared events, as one of a number of representatives of different approaches to life, they can offer a non-religious, humanist, perspective. As sole leaders of other types of public or civic ceremony, they can lead inclusive, secular ceremonies, which draw on common humanity and shared values.

On this page, you can read case studies of civic and public of ceremonies and functions performed by qualified and accredited humanist celebrants. If you have a ceremony you are planning and you wish to involve one of our celebrants, you can use the map below to find one.