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Consultation on GCSE RS annex on Humanism

We are seeking feedback on an Annex on Humanism that has been drafted by RE experts to be submitted for inclusion in the new GCSE religious studies subject content. The Annex covers the subject content outlined for part one of the programme of study, and is intended to provide for the study of Humanism as a non-religious worldview. Of necessity, it has to match the style of the seven annexes on religions that the Department for Education has included in its consultation.

What we are proposing

We are asking for the currently proposed requirement for students to study two religions to be amended so that students must study either two religions or one religion and one non-religious worldview, and for an Annex on Humanism to be added to sit alongside the seven existing annexes on religions. This is because we believe all young people should learn about a range of religions and non-religious worldviews and in practice Humanism is the only non-religious worldview that is significantly common to merit an Annex in its own right. We are also asking for textual amendments to other areas of the specifications in order to ensure that the language is inclusive throughout. We set these out in full, along with out our detailed reasoning, in our response to the Department for Education’s consultation, which you can see in draft form.

What we are consulting on

We are seeking views of RE teachers, academics, consultants, advisors, SACRE representatives, schools, colleges, philosophers, parents, young people, subject associations, and other organisations representing these individuals, on the content of the Annex on Humanism that has been drafted. Because of the way that the new GCSE criteria are constructed, any Annex on Humanism will have to be appropriately comparable to those on religions. We believe that this can be done while retaining academic integrity but we also want to ensure that the Annex is suitably challenging, and reflects what students should know should they choose to study Humanism at GCSE level. Please note that the Annex does not go into as much detail as future GCSE specifications will do – its role is to detail specific content about Humanism upon which exam specifications produced by the awarding organisations will then be based.

We have launched this consultation on 27 November and are seeking responses by 12 December, so that we have time to analyse responses received before the Department for Education’s consultation closes on 29 December. It can be completed by filling in the form below.

Any questions, comments, or feedback on Humanists UK’s wider draft response to the consultation can be directed to Richy Thompson.

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