Zoe Margolis

Zoe Margolis was made a patron of Humanists UK for her exploration of the human condition through the arts.

Writer, journalist, and best-selling blogger

By caving in to faith schools, the government is at risk of teaching only shame in the classroom.

Zoe Margolis is a frequent contributor to The Guardian and The Observer, amongst other publications, and a regular guest on Sky News. Her award-winning blog, Girl With A One Track Mind, published under the pseudonym Abby Lee, won praise for its keen psychological insights into male and female sexuality, as well as for the author's earthy humour. She has written about the experience of losing her anonymity as a "nightmare" and "hell", which deeply affected her personal life and caused her to lose her career in the film industry.

Her 2006 book, based on the "Abby Lee" blog became an international bestseller and has been  translated into sixteen languages. Her latest book is Girl With A One Track Mind: Exposed (Pan Macmillan). Buy her books at Amazon.co.uk through this link and a small commission will go to Humanists UK.

Zoe Margolis is an ambassador for the Brooks sexual health charity for young people.

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