Catie Wilkins

Catie Wilkins was made a patron of Humanists UK for her exploration of the human condition through the arts.

Comedian, writer, podcaster, and children's author

Photo of Catie Wilkins

‘Should you tell your four-year-old you believe we are all alone in a godless universe? My Dad did, and I turned out OK. Discounting the fact I am a comedian…’

Catie Wilkins started her career in stand-up comedy in the 00s, performing shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and appearing on ITV4’s Stand Up Hero. She is known for her dry, sarcastic, and deadpan comedy persona and her observational comedy. In 2018, she returned to comedy, co-presenting the podcast Drunk Women Solving Crime.

Wilkins is also a popular children’s author, publishing her first book My Best Friend and Other Enemies in 2012 to great acclaim. She has since written a further three books for which the translation rights have been sold internationally. She has also written for the BBC, the Independent blog, and Standard Issue magazine.

Wilkins is an atheist; she has written articles for New Humanist magazine, and contributed to the anthology book The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas, published in 2009. She states that there ‘still seems to be a certain prejudice or assumption that religion and morality are inextricably linked, and that a childhood without the former will result in a deficit of the latter’.

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