Angela Barnes

Angela Barnes was made a patron of Humanists UK for her exploration of the human condition through the arts.


Photo of Angela Barnes

‘I was brought up irreligiously by my parents, and my late father had a very humanist approach to life and how to live it, but without the word ‘humanism’ to describe it. I first became aware of Humanists UK when Linda Smith was appointed President and realised that there was a space for people who want to live their lives rationally. A place for those of us who believe that morality is not linked to religion or superstition and that we each have the agency to know right from wrong without the threat of intervention from a higher being or consequences in a future life.’

Angela Barnes is a stand-up comedian and comedy show panelist from Kent. In 2011 she won the BBC New Comedy Award and has since toured several solo shows, including You Can’t Take It With You, a show based on the death of her father, an atheist, and Angela's own approach to life, which went on to be a successful Radio 4 series. She can now be seen on Live At The Apollo, as a regular panellist on BBC2’s Mock The Week, and heard on Radio 4’s The News Quiz, where she has followed in the footsteps of her comedy hero, former Humanists UK President, Linda Smith. Angela is also co-host of the ‘less than serious’ history podcast We Are History alongside comedy writer and acclaimed author John O’Farrell. Angela lives in Brighton with her husband Matt and beloved cockapoo Tina. Angela and Matt were married in September 2021 in a humanist ceremony she describes as ‘glorious and colourful... full of love, joy, and laughter’. The ceremony was conducted by Radio 4 newsreader and Humanist UK celebrant Susan Rae. She will be touring a new stand up show in 2022, you can find out more on her website: