Humanist Funeral on Coronation Street

30 January, 2014

Roy1Last night’s episode of Coronation Street saw the first ever visit of an accredited humanist celebrant to Roy’s house to discuss the ceremony for his much loved wife, Hayley Cropper. This follows a ground-breaking assisted suicide storyline and for a large percentage of the millions of viewers, this would have been their first introduction to what a humanist celebrant is and does. Our celebrant network were pleased to see that we were well represented by Kate Rutter, who portrayed Suzie the celebrant as a compassionate, level-headed and conscientious professional, committed to navigating Roy through his grief to prepare the best possible send off for his wife.

During the programme, the Twitter-sphere was alive with people who had attended humanist ceremonies sharing their own, often deeply personal experiences. Tweets include: “My dad’s humanist funeral was very person centred, meaningful, respectful and moving,” “Had a humanist funeral for my dad 10 years ago, started off lost only knowing we didn’t want a religious service, it was perfect” and: “Mom n Dad had the same in 2012 and strange as it may sound the best send off we could have given them.. thankyou”.

We are delighted that Coronation Street has chosen a humanist funeral for Hayley. This choice reflects the growing need and desire people have to take ownership of these profound and pivotal moments in their lives, creating ceremonies that reflect their own belief system with words and music that speak directly to them. We are so proud to have been, and to continue to be, at the heart of this movement.