Leeds Social Media Lead

Leeds Humanists bring non-religious people together to be happier and more fulfilled and to be a force for good in our community.

We are a Local Group of Humanists UK.  All Humanists UK members and supporters in the local area are automatically part of the group.

Leeds Humanists aim to provide a range of activities for non-religious living in Exeter to meet, socialise, campaign, raise awareness of humanism, participate in local civic life and support each other. The Local Group represents Humanists UK and the local humanist community at public events and in public forums. Leeds Humanists is led by a team of volunteers that organises events and activities throughout the year.

We are now seeking a dedicated and driven Social Media Lead to join the team, to assist in delivering these core activities:

  • Promote Leeds Humanists’ activities (including events)  across social media.
  • Ensure that the tone and content of Leeds Humanists’ social media is appropriate and consistent.
  • Reshare and promote Humanists UK social media content and messaging, while contextualising it for local humanist communities.
  • Respond to social media-based enquiries.

You may also be asked to:

  • Create content for Leeds Humanists’ website and/or mailings.
  • Provide support to other team members in the delivery of events and other activities.

This application pack contains all the information you need to decide whether the role is right for you, including what you would get out of the role and what we expect you would bring to the role.

To take on, grow into, and excel in this role, you will likely need strong written communication skills and a good understanding of current social media trends. If you are passionate about creating an inclusive, effective humanist community in and around Leeds, we would love to hear from you.

To apply for the role, please email branches@humanists.uk letting us know:

  • Who you are, including a little bit about yourself
  • Why you are interested in the role
  • What do you think you’d bring to the role (e,g. your skills and experiences that would be particularly relevant)
  • What you’d like to get out of the role
  • Any concerns, or extra support you’d need in the role

This need not be a long essay, it’s just to help us understand who you are, and why you’d be a good fit. If you have a current CV, that would also be helpful but isn’t essential. You are welcome to contact the Local Groups Volunteer Coordinator, Wayne branches@humanists.uk to discuss the role before applying.

We actively encourage applications from all areas of the community. We particularly welcome applicants from groups that are presently underrepresented among our Local Group volunteers and leaders. This includes but is not limited to individuals who identify as female, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, disabled, or transgender

A copy of our Recruitment and Promotion and Equal Opportunities policies are available online.