Exeter Humanists Events Manager

Exeter Humanists are a Local Group of Humanists UK. All Humanists UK members and supporters in the local area are automatically part of the Local Group.

Exeter Humanists aim to provide a range of activities for non-religious living in Exeter to meet, socialise, campaign, raise awareness of humanism, participate in local civic life and support each other. The Local Group represents Humanists UK and the local humanist community at public events and in public forums.

Exeter Humanists is led by a team of volunteers that organises events and activities throughout the year.

As Events Manager, you will lead and develop the Exeter Humanists team.

Your main responsibilities will be to:
● Work with the Coordinator to develop an annual programme of online and in-person events.
● Lead the delivery of all events, including speaker acquisition, venue relations, volunteer briefing, and promotion.

You may also be asked to:
● Collaborate with other groups on joint events.
● Ensure that a fundraising element is in place at events.
● Support other volunteers to organise individual events.

Please view the full application pack before applying. 

To apply for the role, please email localgroups@humanists.uk to let us know:

  • Who you are, including a little bit about yourself
  • Why you are interested in the role
  • What you think you’d bring to the role (e,g. your skills and experiences that would be particularly relevant)
  • What you’d like to get out of the role
  • Any concerns, or extra support you’d need in the role
Once we receive your application for the role, we will promptly confirm receipt. If we believe you’ll be a great fit for the position, we will arrange an informal conversation with the Branch Volunteer Coordinator, Wayne.
We hope this pack contains all the information you will need to decide whether the role is right for you, and to apply. However, if you have any questions before you apply, you are more than welcome to contact localgroups@humanists.uk for more information.
As mentioned, while this role operates remotely, we require volunteers to be situated in or near the local area. This ensures their accessibility for any necessary in-person meetings and events and helps to build connections in the local community.

You can read our Recruitment and Promotion and Equal Opportunities policies online.