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Humanists UK has a small team of expert staff, and a friendly and supportive work environment.
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Education Networks Manager

Is this the right position for you? The Education Networks Manager will be responsible for the management of Humanists UK’s education networks and the services they provide (e.g. school visits, teacher training). You’ll work with the Director of Understanding Humanism to support and develop our education work and raise awareness and understanding of humanism. The… Continue reading Education Networks Manager

Education Communications Volunteer

The Understanding Humanism team delivers Humanists UK’s extensive range of free education resources and services via the Understanding Humanism website, our teacher training programme, and free school speaker visits, which are all valued highly by teachers and students alike.  The Humanist Heritage project and website explores the rich history and influence of humanism in the UK.  Created and… Continue reading Education Communications Volunteer

SACRE/SAC representatives

Are you a humanist interested in education? Do you believe that children should receive a broad education about both religious and non-religious beliefs and values? Are you willing to work cooperatively and patiently with members of religious organisations to make religious education and school assemblies more inclusive? Then you could be a humanist SACRE or… Continue reading SACRE/SAC representatives

School speakers

Committed to a humanist approach to life?  Enthusiastic and a good communicator? Keen to help young people learn about humanism?  Then you could volunteer as a Humanists UK school speaker! Would you like to know more? You can read more about becoming a school speaker on our training page where you will also find details… Continue reading School speakers