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Humanists UK has a small team of expert staff, and a friendly and supportive work environment. Our staff and volunteer vacancies are below.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers are essential to what we do at Humanists UK. Whether it’s helping out around the office, coordinating our work in schools or hospitals, helping us with specialist research, or lending us your particular talents in areas like design and technology, we aim to ensure you have the most positive volunteer experience possible. We regularly update this page as new roles become available.

Our volunteers come from all backgrounds: retired people with time to spare to come into the office or work on significant projects from home, young people on a gap year between school and university or with spare time while looking for work, parents who are available to work a few hours in the middle of the day, people running small businesses or in creative or other professions who want to offer pro bono professional support. Volunteers carrying out significant roles can use desk space at our central London offices but many work from home.

Colchester Humanists Branch Coordinator

Colchester Humanists is a branch group of Humanists UK. We provide a range of activities for non-religious people in and around Colchester to meet, socialise, campaign, raise awareness of humanism, and support each other. We are seeking a dedicated and driven individual to join our Committee, to assist in delivering these core activities: Work with […]

York Humanists Branch Treasurer

York Humanists is led by a committee that organises events and activities throughout the year. They are supported by a team of local volunteers specialising in areas like marketing, design, and research, who support the committee. Ideal candidates for Treasurer will be able to maintain an overview of the organisation’s financial affairs, ensuring its viability and ensuring […]

York Humanists Branch Coordinator

York Humanists is a branch group of Humanists UK. We provide a range of activities for non-religious people in and around York to meet, socialise, campaign, raise awareness of humanism, and support each other. We are seeking a dedicated and driven individual to join our Committee, to assist in delivering these core activities: Work with […]

Chichester Humanists Branch Outreach Officer

The Outreach Officer’s role in supporting Chichester Humanists Committee includes: Serving as Chichester Humanists’ first point of contact with the Chichester community. Representing Chichester Humanists at external events both locally and nationally. Developing Chichester Humanists’ existing links and forging new relationships with other groups, organisations, and stakeholders. Liaising and networking with representatives of groups and […]

Chichester Humanists Branch Social Media Volunteer

We are seeking a dedicated and driven Social Media Officer to support the Committee by managing our public-facing content. Core Activities: Preparing social media content and graphics Promoting Chichester Humanists – including the group’s campaigns, events, and activities – on social media Promoting the work, campaigns, and activities of Humanists UK Maintaining Chichester Humanists’ social media accounts […]

Chichester Humanists Branch Coordinator

Chichester Humanists is a branch group of Humanists UK. We provide a range of activities for non-religious people in and around Chichester to meet, socialise, campaign, raise awareness of humanism, and support each other. We are seeking a dedicated and driven individual to join our Committee, to assist in delivering these core activities: Work with […]

School speakers

Committed to a humanist approach to life?  Enthusiastic and a good communicator? Keen to help young people learn about humanism?  Then you could volunteer as a Humanists UK school speaker! Would you like to know more? You can read more about becoming a school speaker on our training page. If you’re wondering whether school speaking […]

SACRE Coordinator

Humanist representation on SACREs (Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education) – the local bodies that guide religious education provision in England and Wales – is so important to help guarantee RE that is both high-quality and fully inclusive of non-religious perspectives. Over 120 of these committees in England and Wales already have a humanist member. […]

Education resources, research, and general support

The education of young people about humanism, as an example of a non-religious approach to life’s big questions, is as important as ever. We are also always on the lookout for those with experience of working in education and with good subject knowledge about humanism who can support us with the creation of teaching resources […]

Transcribing and Proofreading Volunteer

If you have transcribing or proofreading skills, we’d love to hear from you as we are always looking for support with the creation of our education resources. Please contact us at

Faith to Faithless Helpline Volunteer

Faith to Faithless was founded in 2015 to raise awareness of apostasy and support those who have left religions and cults in the UK. We stage regular panel discussion events as well as hosting apostate socials and peer support meetings. Faith to Faithless supports people who have left many religions and cults including ex-Evangelical Christians, […]

Video editing

Faith to Faithless has an extensive catalogue of public speaking events, seminars and conferences which require basic editing: adding title pages, removing dead air and tidying up. Any basic video editing software, such as iMovie or MovieMaker, is more than sufficient for this. Guidance and support are available, so you do not need to have […]

Socials Hosting

Faith to Faithless hosts online monthly social events to reduce isolation and support SUs from all over the UK in networking and developing new friendships and connections. Anyone with an interest in apostasy is welcome to attend, and the emphasis at socials is on having fun. We are looking for friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic individuals who […]

Public Speaking

Faith to Faithless hosts regular public speaking events to raise awareness of apostasy. If you have your own personal experiences of apostasy which you think will inspire others, or you are a professional working with apostates and you would like to share your insight we would like to hear from you. These events are currently […]

Peer Support Facilitator

FtF provides peer support to our SUs through fortnightly online meetings. We are seeking volunteers who have experienced apostasy, or who can demonstrate a good understanding of the emotional and practical issues that apostates face, facilitate meetings to moderate and provide guidance and emotional support. Three days of training are required for this, which includes […]

Research Volunteer

Research on apostasy is vital for Faith to Faithless to develop a clearer understanding of the needs of our service-users and the wider apostate community. We are seeking volunteers with academic experience in research methods, report writing and evaluation to work with Faith to Faithless on projects to promote the welfare of apostates throughout the […]

Online Service Support

Faith to Faithless run regular peer support and socials to support apostates. We require volunteers to run the admin for each group. This will involve managing the events on Zoom or Google meets, admitting participants, monitoring the chat and reading out questions, ensuring that SU feedback is provided at the end of the session and […]

Research Volunteer

The Humanist Heritage project has unearthed a vast number of fascinating figures associated with the history of humanism in the UK, including hundreds of notable former members as yet unrepresented on the website. These range from the significant but little remembered, to the famous but not yet linked to Humanists UK. Among them are writers, musicians, academics, […]

LGBT Humanists Pride ambassadors

We are looking for enthusiastic ambassadors to join our team of LGBT Humanists volunteers. As a Pride ambassador, you will help to be the face of our cause to members of the public in your area! As a national organisation, it is vital that our cause and our ethos reach as many areas and people […]

General Office Volunteers

Are you interested in getting involved?  Could you spare a few hours to help Humanists UK? Humanists UK are looking for volunteers to help with a range of tasks in our busy office.  This could include: Putting together information packs Help manage our shop orders Envelope stuffing and mailings ICT-competent volunteers could: Check our website […]

Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network Regional Coordinator

North West, East Midlands, Eastern, London, and South East The Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network (NRPSN) is administered by Humanists UK and aims to achieve access for every non-religious person in an institutional setting to emotional, moral, pastoral, and spiritual support from like-minded carers. The role of the NRPSN Regional Coordinator is to support Humanists UK’s Head […]

Young Humanists Events Manager

Young Humanists UK is the voice for non-religious young people. Two-thirds of young people are non-religious. We provide them with the community and platform that their voices deserve. We think young people have a right to be heard and that more should be done to ensure policy reflects their views. We provide a community and […]

Young Humanists Ambassador

As a Young Humanists ambassador, you will network with nearby Local Groups, Humanist Students societies and other relevant groups (e.g. sceptics groups), to ensure that the needs of 18-35-year-old non-religious people in your area are met. Activities might include: Putting on events with a view to getting younger people involved (e.g. pub quizzes, campaign work, […]

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