Payroll giving

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving – also known as ‘Give As You Earn’ – is a flexible scheme that enables you to make charitable donations straight from your gross salary (before tax has been deducted). This means that you get immediate tax relief on the value of your donation. So, if you are a basic rate taxpayer and want to give a £10 donation, it will only cost you £7.80, or just £6 if you are a higher rate taxpayer. Some employers encourage the scheme by matching their employees’ donations.

You can give regularly by authorising your employer to deduct up a monthly amount, but Payroll Giving can also be applied to one-off donations.

How does it work?

It’s very easy. If you are a UK taxpayer, paid through PAYE, your company is almost certainly eligible to offer Payroll Giving. If they do offer it, they will be able to arrange for your payroll administrator to deduct your donations from your gross pay, either as a regular monthly payment or as a one-off gift. All you need to do is choose how much you want to give to Humanists UK, and tell your payroll department – they will do the rest. They may need to search for ‘British Humanist Association’, as that is our registered company name.

What are the benefits of the Payroll Giving scheme?

For you:

It costs less to give more
Payroll Giving is very easy to set up
For Humanists UK:

Regular giving helps us to plan ahead, knowing what income we can expect each year
No administration – we receive a regular statement and simply bank the cheque.
What if my company does not offer Payroll Giving?

If your employer doesn’t offer a Payroll Giving scheme, you could suggest it to them. It is very simple to administer, and plenty of advice is available. They just register with an agency such as the Charities Aid Foundation which processes employee donations. It is quick and simple to register – for details, here:

Can I stop giving?

Yes, you can stop or change the amount you donate just by informing your payroll department.

Further Information

Further information on Payroll Giving is available from the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website: employees can visit Payroll Giving – Donors, while employers are advised to visit Payroll Giving – Employers for a list of Payroll Giving providers.

Thank you for your generous support.