South West London Humanists relaunch: Community meetings

5–21 February 2023

This year, South West London Humanists plans to rejuvenate as a local branch of Humanists UK, with new leadership, and a wider range of activities across the south west London area. Rather than just working with us, as a branch they’d actually be a part of Humanists UK. South West London Humanists would automatically be the local branch for all Humanists UK members and supporters – like you – living in the area.

By bringing together the best of our national experience and local organising, we want to keep all the great stuff from the existing group, while opening new community, volunteering, and leadership opportunities for local humanists like you.

Whether you’re already active in the existing group, or excited by the new opportunities with the new branch, we want you to have your say. South West London Humanists will be holding four relaunch events across the area in February. We hope you can make it along to one of these, to learn more about South West London Humanists, and to help shape their future as your local branch.