Introduction to Apostasy Issues | Faith to Faithless

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November 27th, 2023 20:30   --   21:30

Deciding to leave a high-control religion can often mean rejection from your family and community, with little understanding of where to turn next.

People who leave controlling religious groups, or ‘apostates’, as these people are sometimes called, may end up homeless, isolated, and at risk of profound mental health issues due to no fault of their own. In some cases so-called 'apostates’ can be at risk of physical violence and abuse from their family or community. This course aims to educate people about the unique issues that apostates face when they first leave a controlling religion and the ongoing issues that they may experience even years later.

This short one hour online introduction course to Apostasy Awareness will be useful to anyone who may come into contact with vulnerable adults who may have left a high-control religious group in their working life and do not currently know that much about the issues of apostasy.

We can also provide a more in-depth full day of training to teams within frontline organisations such as local authorities, the police, social services, NHS teams, homeless shelters, schools, universities, and charities who are all encouraged to make contact with us to discuss how we can facilitate a bespoke learning experience for your team at

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