Humanists and the environment: a rich history | Humanist Climate Action

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December 14th, 2022 19:00   --   20:30

Although Humanist Climate Action was launched just last year, humanists and the non-religious have been acting for the environment for centuries. This long history has centred on humankind’s responsibility towards – and existence as an integral part of – the natural world, and has seen many drawn to write, work, and campaign for nature, including within the organised humanist movement. From the ideals of atheist poet and activist P B Shelley, through the pioneering work of humanist scientists and conservationists, to the vision of 'Caring, Cooperation, and Cosmic Responsibility' proffered by James Hemming in the 1990s, join us to learn more about this rich heritage of humanist environmentalism, and reflect on how it might inspire us today.

Madeleine Goodall is the Humanist Heritage Coordinator for Humanists UK, and since 2019 has been researching the history and influence of humanism in the UK. The Humanist Heritage project was launched to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Humanists UK in 2021, marked with the launch of the Humanist Heritage website.