Education not indoctrination: 125 years advancing children's rights

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December 7th, 2021 19:00   --   20:00

Join Education Policy Researcher Dr Ruth Wareham, Humanist Heritage Coordinator Madeleine Goodall, and Chief Executive Andrew Copson for a special FREE online event, detailing everything you need to know about our work to protect and advance children’s rights to a good education, free from discrimination and indoctrination.

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Why do humanists oppose faith schools? Why do we want to replace compulsory worship with inclusive assemblies? Why should pupils be taught about humanism alongside major world religions? 

These are battles humanists have been involved in for over 125 years – and this event celebrates the anniversary of the Moral Instruction League, formed 7 December 1897 to advance ‘non-theological moral education' in place of indoctrination in schools. Today that work for children’s rights in education is led by Humanists UK’s Faith Schools Campaigner, and takes many forms across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 

Join Dr Ruth Wareham, Andrew Copson, and Madeleine Goodall for some unique insights into all that humanists have achieved in the last 125 years in education – including our hand in the creation of mainstream secular community schools, and learn more about the campaign today, and our ambitions in the years ahead.


Andrew Copson

Andrew is Chief Executive of Humanists UK. He became Chief Executive in 2010 after five years coordinating Humanists UK’s education and public affairs work. Andrew is also current President of Humanists International.

Madeleine Goodall

Madeleine is the Humanist Heritage Coordinator for Humanists UK, researching and writing about the history of humanism to celebrate the organisation's 125th birthday. She has a background in education, museums, and community history, and is also Humanists UK's Wikimedian in Residence.

Dr Ruth Wareham

Ruth Wareham is Education Policy Researcher at Humanists UK, having previously been Education Campaigns Manager since 2018. Between 2016 and 2018 she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the Faith Schooling: Principles and Policies Project at the University of Warwick and she has a PhD in the philosophy of education from the University of Birmingham. Her doctoral thesis focused on the moral permissibility of faith schools in liberal democracies. Prior to entering academia, Ruth spent six years working as a primary school teacher in Birmingham and the West Midlands. She is the co-author of How to Regulate Faith Schools (with Professors Matthew Clayton, Andrew Mason, and Adam Swift).