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Becoming humanist – a fishy tale | York Humanists

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December 6th, 2022 19:30   --   21:00

How did a good Catholic boy end up as a humanist, and what has the fish got to do with it? How are the Pope, Muhammad, and the Mormon President involved in this tale? What is the point of prayer and what happens in Heaven? Are Christian values Christian? How do you explain humanism to young children? Why is it even called humanism? Isn’t everyone an atheist anyway?

Brian Quinn will discuss these questions and more while reflecting on his journey from religion to belief and considering what it means to be a humanist.

Brian is a former Coordinator of York Humanists and, and Chair Emeritus of North Yorkshire Humanists.

Accredited by Humanists UK as a school speaker, he regularly visits primary and secondary schools and has also given talks to university students and community groups on various topics related to humanism, religion, and scepticism.

He is active on local partnership boards of local authorities, police, and the NHS, representing a humanist viewpoint on issues of social equality & diversity. He also works with a hospital chaplaincy team as a non-religious pastoral support volunteer.

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Priory Street Centre
Priory Street
York, YO1 6ET
United Kingdom

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