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Support Paul Lamb’s fight for the right to die

After decades of suffering and pain, Paul needs a change in the law in order to end his life in a manner and at a time of his own choosing.

Paul was severely injured in a car accident in 1990 and is paralysed from the neck down.

He requires around the clock care and lives in constant pain. He knows that as he gets older, he will need assistance to die.

Sadly for Paul and his family, the current law in the UK prohibits assisted dying, and Government inaction on this issue is condemning Paul and many others to decades of pain and suffering against their will.

Paul is challenging the courts to act – fighting a legal case he hopes will secure his right to die in a manner and timing of his own choosing. On his terms.

Paul’s pain could become even more insufferable, and he’s asking the courts to reassess the UK’s ban on assisted dying before he runs out of time.

Paul’s case is the strongest case to come before the UK courts in many years – with real potential to change the law where past claimants have failed. We must act now in support of assisted dying.

We will back Paul’s fight at every stage. Will you?

If Paul has your support, you can let him know. Add your name to Paul’s team today and share your support for his bravery. With your support, we believe Paul’s case could finally end a cruel and inhumane ban on the right to die.

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