Tell Amber Rudd: save Hamza, don’t deport him

The Home Office says it will deport Humanists UK member Hamza bin Walayat for his inability to ‘recognise Plato or Aristotle’ in a test of his ‘non-religiousness’ that involved being able to name classical philosophers. The Home Office has badly misunderstood what humanism is and as a result of their ignorance and incompetence, a man’s life is being put at risk: Pakistan is one of 13 countries which execute humanists and other ‘apostates’, and a culture of impunity means vigilante attacks on the non-religious are all-too-common.

The Home Office does not understand that humanism is a non-religious approach to life based on reason, logic, and concern for others, not on canonical philosophers, or that non-religious people are equally protected by human rights law. Hamza shouldn’t have to die because the Home Office doesn’t understand humanism. We’ve organised a petition to Home Secretary Amber Rudd and demand that Hamza’s legal right to asylum be respected… and his life saved.

Our demands:

  1. Reverse the decision to deport Hamza – your test was not fair, and based on a deeply flawed understanding of humanism.
  2. Inform all Home Office employees that non-religious people have equal protections in law to religious people. This is a basic principle of equality and human rights law which underpins the basic liberties of the non-religious.
  3. Working with us, educate your officials about humanism and non-religious beliefs, so that humanists fleeing persecution are not recklessly endangered like this again.

Thank you to the 12,541 people who signed our petition.

It will be delivered to 10 Downing Street on Thursday 1 March 2018.