53% of the UK identifies as non-religious.

So why do we still have bishops influencing laws, religious prayers as part of council meetings, and compulsory prayers in school assemblies?

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The majority of people in the UK identify as non-religious. But the fact is our institutions are completely stuck in the past. 

In 2024, religion is still influencing all aspects of public life. Religious figures are still getting a say in UK laws. All too often, religious chaplains are the only option for pastoral care in NHS hospitals. And prayers are mandatory in the schools that shape young minds. 

At Humanists UK, we’re pushing for a UK that represents the non-religious majority – but it will take everyone speaking out to help win the change we need. 

Today’s UK is non-religious. It’s time our institutions reflected that. If you agree that religious advantage has no place in our schools, hospitals, or the Houses of Parliament, add your name now >>

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