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Volunteers are essential to what we do at Humanists UK. Whether it’s helping out around the office, coordinating our work in schools or hospitals, helping us with specialist research, or lending us your particular talents in areas like design and technology, we aim to ensure you have the most positive volunteer experience possible. We regularly update this page as new roles become available.

Our volunteers come from all backgrounds: retired people with time to spare to come into the office or work on significant projects from home, young people on a gap year between school and university, parents who are available to work a few hours in the middle of the day, people running small businesses or in creative or other professions who want to offer pro bono professional support. Volunteers carrying out significant roles can use desk space at our central London offices but many work from home.

Faith to Faithless volunteers

Faith to Faithless is Humanists UK’s support programme for so-called ‘apostates’ and those who leave high-control religions. The service is led by apostates themselves, who have knowledge and experiences of apostate communities facing serious and systemic issues. These issues range from emotional and physical abuse from family members, friends, and peers in their community through homelessness, shunning, ‘honour-based’ abuse and killings, and systemic failures by statutory organisations to support apostates. We are looking for volunteers who’d be able to help with a range of activities listed below.

If you are able to help, please register your interest HERE, and our Apostate Support Services Manager, Greg Leonard, will be in touch. If you have any questions please reach out to him directly at

Research on apostasy is vital for Faith to Faithless to develop a clearer understanding of the needs of our service-users and the wider apostate community. We are seeking volunteers with academic experience in research methods, report writing and evaluation to work with Faith to Faithless on projects to promote the welfare of apostates throughout the UK.

FtF provides peer support to our SUs through fortnightly online meetings. We are seeking volunteers who have experienced apostasy, or who can demonstrate a good understanding of the emotional and practical issues that apostates face, facilitate meetings to moderate and provide guidance and emotional support. Three days of training are required for this, which includes Pastoral Care and Peer Support Facilitation which we can provide free of charge.

Faith to Faithless hosts regular public speaking events to raise awareness of apostasy. If you have your own personal experiences of apostasy which you think will inspire others, or you are a professional working with apostates and you would like to share your insight we would like to hear from you. These events are currently online, but we hope to resume in-person events in Spring 2022.

Faith to Faithless hosts online monthly social events to reduce isolation and support SUs from all over the UK in networking and developing new friendships and connections. Anyone with an interest in apostasy is welcome to attend, and the emphasis at socials is on having fun. We are looking for friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic individuals who can direct the conversation, moderate when required and promote inclusivity within the group.

Apostates are overwhelmingly underrepresented throughout our communities, and we at Faith to Faithless work closely both with individuals, government agencies such as the home office and Metropolitan Police, to provide advice and guidance on how best to support apostates in the workplace. Our Apostate Awareness Safeguarding Course helps employers understand and reduce the risk and vulnerability of apostates, and promote good working practice so that systems and procedures are implemented to protect apostates. Delivery of this training will remain online until Spring 2022, at which time we will review the possibility of resuming in-person training. We are seeking volunteers to support Faith to Faithless in delivering this two-hour course on a monthly basis, ideally with experience in teaching, training or apostasy. Full training will be provided for this.

Faith to Faithless has an extensive catalogue of public speaking events, seminars and conferences which require basic editing: adding title pages, removing dead air and tidying up. Any basic video editing software, such as iMovie or MovieMaker, is more than sufficient for this. Guidance and support are available, so you do not need to have experience in video editing, but an interest in apostasy and humanism is desired.

Faith to Faithless produces many articles, reports and other documents which require proof-reading prior to publication. To proofread for Faith to Faithless, you should have excellent skills in English, and have experience in producing written documents to a high standard. Some prior knowledge of apostasy and humanism is desired but not essential for this role.

Faith to Faithless run regular peer support and socials to support apostates. We require volunteers to run the admin for each group. This will involve managing the events on Zoom or Google meets, admitting participants, monitoring the chat and reading out questions, ensuring that SU feedback is provided at the end of the session and recording attendance. This role requires two hours per week on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings. An interest in apostasy is desired but not essential

Again, if you are able to help, please register your interest HERE, and our Apostate Support Services Manager, Greg Leonard, will be in touch. If you have any questions please reach out to him directly at

Colchester Branch Coordinator

Colchester Humanists is a branch group of Humanists UK. We provide a range of activities for non-religious people in and around Colchester to meet, socialise, campaign, raise awareness of humanism, and support each other.

We are seeking a dedicated and driven individual to join our Committee, to assist in delivering these core activities:

● Work with the rest of the Committee to help steer the activities above and ensure everything’s on track (including chairing monthly committee meetings)
● Work with Humanists UK staff to ensure what the Colchester Humanists are doing fits the wider organisation and that economies of scale/crossovers/other opportunities aren’t missed
● Lead on strategic planning and quarterly reporting, drawing on support from the Humanists UK staff as needed
● Manage the group’s events programme, with support from the rest of the team
● Budgeting and financial management
● Recruitment, engagement, and retention of committee members and volunteers

Please download the application pack here for more information.

You will be a motivated, dedicated, and organised person with great communication skills, who is enthusiastic about volunteering their time and skills to support Colchester Humanists and have ideas about how the group can reach the growing number of people who are living without religion in and around Colchester. If this sounds like you send your CV and cover letter, detailing how you match the person specification on page 7 by email with the subject ‘Colchester Coordinator’ to by 23:59 on 3 January 2022.

Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network Regional Coordinator – North West, East Midlands, Eastern, London and South East

The Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network (NRPSN) is administered by Humanists UK and aims to achieve access for every non-religious person in an institutional setting to emotional, moral, pastoral, and spiritual support from like-minded carers.

The role of the NRPSN Regional Coordinator is to support Humanists UK’s Head of Humanist Care in delivering our agreed development objectives within the relevant region or country. The number of non-religious pastoral carers operating throughout the UK has now surpassed 250 and management of such an extensive network from a central office is becoming increasingly complex. The Regional Coordinators form part of Humanists UK’s drive to maintain our high level of support for our accredited pastoral carers and ensure a growth in the number of institutions that have a non-religious pastoral care volunteer.

You’ll have good relationship-building and organisational skills, and be able to work well with a dispersed group of volunteers. You will enjoy acting as a point of contact and supporting others who may be facing challenges in their placements.

If this sounds like you, please take a look at the application pack and complete an application form.  Completed application forms should be returned electronically by email with the subject ‘NRPSN Regional Coordinator – LOCATION’ to

Northern Ireland Dialogue Coordinator

As part of our work to build a tolerant society, we try to build bridges between humanists and religious communities – educating both sides and building links in support of a peaceful, plural society.

We want to see a world where everyone lives cooperatively on the basis of shared human values, respect for human rights, and concern for future generations. We believe this entails viewing people who have different views from ours first-and-foremost as fellow human beings, rather than ‘The Other’. That does not mean failing to argue for what we believe is right; or challenging words and activities we see as harmful, but it does mean listening, understanding, looking at the evidence, treating people fairly, and avoiding ill-informed generalisations. It also means being willing to work with others of different beliefs for the common good.

Role Context
Humanists UK is building a network of dialogue volunteers to raise the awareness of humanism across the UK and contribute to social cohesion. The unique religion and belief landscape in Northern Ireland means that we need to develop regional coordination of dialogue volunteers and establish regional communication between them.

By supporting the coordination of regional dialogue volunteers; promoting the dialogue network; managing effective communication between volunteers, the Northern Ireland Coordinator, National Dialogue Officer, and the Director of Understanding Humanism; and supporting opportunities for volunteers to develop in the role, the Regional Coordinator will help to ensure that all opportunities are being taken to both support and improve the practice of dialogue volunteers.

Key Activities (Outputs)
The regional coordinator will…

  • report to the Director of Understanding Humanism (Quarterly)
  • act as the first point of contact for dialogue volunteers in their region
  • support communication, development, reporting, the sharing of skills, resources, and dialogue opportunities,
  • promote the dialogue network regionally
  • attend the Northern Ireland Big Team meetings and contribute to the leadership of humanism in NI.

This is an open-ended role but is subject to periodic review to ensure that both the Humanists UK and the regional coordinator are happy with the work being done. Volunteer role and no remuneration is expected.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, send an email with the subject ‘NI Dialogue Coordinator” to Iain at – with your name, location, experience, and motivation to get involved to register your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

LGBT Humanists Pride Ambassador

We are looking for enthusiastic ambassadors to join our team of LGBT Humanists volunteers. As a Pride Ambassador, you will help to be the face of our cause to members of the public in your area! As a national organisation, it is vital that our cause and our ethos reach as many areas and people as possible so that the LGBT will suffer less prejudice and discrimination. We are in search of willing volunteers that can help us in this and represent us in Pride events around the U.K.

Activities might include:

  • Attending Pride and rallying other Humanists in your area to come and support LGBT Humanists at local Pride events.
  • Liaising with local Pride organisers to ensure we are represented.
  • Manning our LGBT Humanists literature stands at Pride and conversing with anyone who shows interest in our cause.
  • Maintaining a dialogue with the LGBT Humanists committee.
  • We will also welcome any ideas you may have as ambassadors in becoming more visible in your local area and how we can make sure our engagement with local Pride events are well organised.

We are currently looking to recruit in the following regions; North East England, North West England, Midlands, London & South East. South West and Wales.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, send an email with the subject LGBT Humanists Pride Ambassador” to Harvey at – with your name, location, experience, and motivation to get involved to register your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

Education volunteers

Assemblies for All Coordinator
Our Assemblies for All website provides teachers with access to a fantastic range of inclusive assemblies. As the website gets increasingly popular, we need support with answering enquiries, keeping the information up-to-date, and adding new assemblies. Experience with using WordPress is desirable, but not essential as basic training will be provided. The role can be carried out remotely. We anticipate it requiring a couple of hours a week. If you’re interested in helping us to help teachers, then please email the Director of Understanding Humanism at

Transcribing and Proofreading Volunteer
If you have transcribing or proofreading skills, we’d love to hear from you as we are always looking for support with the creation of our education resources. Please contact us at

Education resources, research, and general support
The education of young people about humanism, as an example of a non-religious approach to life’s big questions, is as important as ever. We are also always on the lookout for those with experience of working in education and with good subject knowledge about humanism who can support us with the creation of teaching resources for schools. There are also a number of research projects we are looking for support with to assess the needs of teachers and schools and to help us to ensure we are best supporting them. And we are always on the lookout for administration support. If these are areas you feel you can support us with, please send an email to the Director of Understanding Humanism at

Humanist Heritage research volunteer

The Humanist Heritage project has unearthed a vast number of fascinating figures associated with the history of humanism in the UK, including hundreds of notable former members as yet unrepresented on the website. These range from the significant but little remembered, to the famous but not yet linked to Humanists UK. Among them are writers, musicians, academics, suffragists, animals rights activists, teachers, doctors, and so much more.

If you would be interested in looking further into some of these individuals and writing about them for the website, we would love to hear from you. The work can be carried out remotely, and support and advice will be given on how and where to find the information you’ll need. Please email Maddy via

Young Humanists Ambassador

As a Young Humanists Ambassador, you will network with nearby Local Groups, Humanist Students societies and other relevant groups (e.g. sceptics groups), to ensure that the needs of 18-35-year-old non-religious people in your area are met.

Activities might include:

  • Putting on events with a view to getting younger people involved (e.g. pub quizzes, campaign work, family-friendly events like coffee-mornings or Sunday brunches, litter picks or picnics)
  • Advising local humanist groups on how to put on events that will get young people involved
  • Attending relevant nearby events in order to promote Young Humanists

Where possible, we encourage Ambassadors to request a position on their nearest Local Group’s committee (or to set one up if there isn’t a group nearby!)

You will have plenty of expertise to draw on from the Young Humanists Executive Committee and Officers, including lots of advice and support on social media and event management, as well as a network of existing Ambassadors who can share their experiences with you. You will also have a go-to member of the Young Humanists Executive Committee for any advice or suggestions.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with please send an email to with your name, location, experience, and your motivation behind getting involved.

More information is available on the Young Humanists Volunteer Pack.

Communications and social media volunteer

Humanists UK is looking for a volunteer to help the communications team on an ongoing basis.

As part of a small expert team, you will provide assistance on a wide range of online and print media activities to further public understanding of Humanism and promote our campaigns for a secular state ensuring human rights and equality. We are looking for a passionate, committed, articulate, and creative individual to take on this opportunity.

Duties will be wide-ranging and include:

  • Assisting with managing a suite of social Humanists UK media accounts
  • Providing administrative support to the communications team
  • Assessing and editing new blogs from guest contributors
  • Assisting with events organisation and promotion
  • Helping run and organise high-profile social media campaigns
  • Preparing written material for the website and for sharing on social media
  • Communicating with a wide range of audiences, including large online audiences, Humanists UK members, journalists, and Parliamentarians

Training and personal development opportunities include:

  • An introduction to strategic communications and using large social media platforms to achieve wider policy and communications objectives
  • Training in the use of Adobe graphic design software
  • Scope to write blogs, news articles, and comment pieces related to topical issues covering a wide range of subjects

Ideal candidates will be confident writers and familiar with graphic and/or web design or have experience of working in student journalism or with social media. Political awareness is key, but for this role, being aware of and up to date with pop culture is an asset as well.

Applicants should send a CV and a short covering note explaining why you want to volunteer with us and why you think you are what we are looking for, highlighting any relevant experience you may have had with editorial work, design, or social media, along with details of your availability, to Georgia, at

All candidates will need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of Humanism and the work of Humanists UK.

General office-based volunteers

Are you interested in getting involved?  Could you spare a few hours to help Humanists UK?

Humanists UK are looking for volunteers to help with a range of tasks in our busy office.  This could include:

  • Putting together information packs
  • Help manage our shop orders
  • Envelope stuffing and mailings

ICT-competent volunteers could:

  • Check our website and ensure that it functions well
  • Input data and help keep our records up to date across a range of areas

We are looking for people who are available for a few hours or perhaps a morning or afternoon, during office hours (Monday – Friday, 9.30 am-5 pm).

If you are interested, please send us an email to: or telephone the office on 020 7324 3060.

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