Suzanne Moore

Suzanne Moore was made a patron of Humanists UK for her journalism on issues of concern to humanists.


Suzanne Moore is an award-winning columnist on the Mail on Sunday. She has also written for Marxism Today, New Statesman, The Guardian and The Independent.

Born in 1958 in Ipswich to a working-class mother and an American father, she once wrote that all she wanted to do when young was leave her home town. After leaving school and home, she did a variety of jobs in a variety of countries, before returning to Britain and starting a psychology degree at Middlesex University, from which she switched to cultural studies. As a leftwing student, she was involved in protests, marches and other direct action.

She began her career as a journalist editing Marxism Today's cultural pages, and then became New Statesman's film critic. As a left-wing feminist, moving to her current job at the Mail on Sunday was controversial, but she has said that she liked "the idea of having such an enormous readership, where I wouldn't be preaching to the converted."

She stood as an independent candidate in the 2010 General Election. As a former anarchist and the single mother of three daughters, she didn't expect to win – and didn't – she said she wanted to see more honesty in politics: "candidates who are recognisably human, not required to have 2.4 children, a devoted spouse, and a spotless past…"

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