S I Martin

S I Martin was made a patron of Humanists UK for their exploration of the human condition through the arts.

Writer, historian, journalist, and teacher

Photo of S I Martin

‘As a supporter of Black non-believer and humanist groups, I am compelled to actively promote humanism as a counter to all palliative religious fictions.

If I hold anything sacred it is human potential and the struggle to secure it through personal responsibility and collective agency. In fact, whatever it takes to protect our empathy, doubt, and humour against the fantastic cruelty and boredom of unquestioned belief.’

Born in 1961 in Bedford, S I Martin now lives and works in South London. He is a specialist in the fields of Black British history and literature, working in museums, archives, and the education sector to bring diverse histories to wider audiences. 

S I Martin has published five books of historical fiction and non-fiction for adult and teenage readers including Incomparable World (1996) which charts the fate of three black exiles living in 18th-century London, and Britain’s Slave Trade which was written for Channel 4 to tie in with its four-part documentary series Windrush.

For decades, S I Martin has worked hard to bring diverse histories to wider audiences, including with the creation of his 500 Years of Black London walks, shining a light on the black historical presence on the capital’s streets. 

He has also worked with and for Black Cultural Archives,  National Maritime Museum, the V&A, Tate Britain, London Metropolitan Archives, National Portrait Gallery, Horniman Museum, The National Archives, RAF Museum, Wellcome Trust, and many others. He regularly provides workshops and sessions for  heritage institutions, schools, borough councils, and community groups across the country.

In 2022, S I Martin delivered a talk for Humanists UK titled The Beliefs of Black Georgians, introducing the life and works of a host of remarkable but often overlooked figures as part of its Humanist Heritage lecture series.