Our Aims

Humanists UK is committed to supporting lasting change for a better society. Here’s what we want and how we’ll achieve it.

We want more people to know what humanism is. And more non‑religious people to recognise themselves as humanists

Our awareness and education programmes will help people to understand the humanist approach to life.

We want more non-religious people to live happy, confident, and ethical lives

We will provide accredited humanist services to non-religious people. Our accessible, humanist resources will give guidance on living well and coping with difficult situations, and help like-minded people to connect.

We want everyone to have freedom of thought, choice, and expression

We will defend and advance people’s freedom to think, believe, express themselves, and choose as they wish, while respecting the rights and freedoms of others in a fair and equitable society. We will do this by influencing opinion, policy, legislation and case law.

We want Humanists UK to be a respected, expert voice for the non‑religious

We will form relationships with all who share our values and aims, including public bodies, NGOs and, of course, you! We will always embody the high standards we set ourselves in our campaigns, media, and other activities.

We want Humanists UK to grow as a healthy, sustainable movement

We will continue to build our network of committed members and supporters. People can get involved as donors, activists, advocates, volunteers, and service providers.