Chris Packham CBE to deliver the Darwin Day Lecture 2020

15 November, 2019

Conservationist and broadcaster Chris Packham CBE is set to receive the second ever Humanists UK Darwin Day Medal on 12 February 2020. The lecture will be chaired by Humanists UK President Professor Alice Roberts.

Every year, The Darwin Day Lecture explores humanism and humanist thought as related to science and evolution, or the works of Charles Darwin. In 2020, Chris Packham will reflect his lifelong and enduring interest in environmentalism and conservation, examining the perils faced by humanity in the coming years and decades.

Chris Packham has gained recognition as a naturalist, television presenter, writer, photographer, conservationist, campaigner, and filmmaker. He will be immediately recognisable as the presenter of the BBC’s BAFTA-winning Springwatch, Autumnwatch, and Winterwatch series. He is a passionate speaker on climate change, and was awarded a CBE in May 2019 for his services to nature and conservation.

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Each February, people around the world come together for Darwin Day, a celebration of the life of Charles Darwin and his enormously influential discovery of evolution by natural selection. Humanists UK has organised a Darwin Day Lecture in London each year since 2003, and it is the largest event of its kind in the UK.

Previous Darwin Day lecturers include: Professor Richard Dawkins, Dr Diana S. Fleischman, Professor Maggie Smith, Professor Jerry Coyne, Dr Eugenie Scott, Professor Alice Roberts, Professor Sir David King, Dr Adam Rutherford, and Dr Susan Blackmore.